Catholic School and Other Decisions

7 03 2007

We went to the Catholic Central Open House last week and I have to say we walked away very impressed.  Which is only making our decision about where to send the girls even more difficult.  I loved the kindergarten teacher and I really loved the fact that the classes are really small.  This year she has only 12 students, last year she had 9.  I also got a really good vibe from the other parents.  Definitely a family feel and a lot of enthusiasm among the moms.  I think I could really connect with people there.  But, am I okay with my kids saying the “Hail Mary” prayers every morning?  Attending mass,  crossing themselves, participating in field trips to the “Living Rosary” (whatever that is). . . I’m just not sure .

We also visited Emmanuel Christian Academy last week.  The facility was very impressive, the people were friendly, etc.  But they sent us home with a registration packet and inside was a double sided, single-spaced, small print document all on the dress code.  Also, almost every kid that we saw looked like they could have been raised in my home:  white, middle-class, suburban, churched.  And the school is located in Springfield where there is a large black population.  But the whole time we were there we saw only 2 black students.  I just don’t like that!  I would like for my kids to be exposed to people who are different than we are.  But, the flip side of that is, the exposure is what seems to be scaring me about  the public school. . . AHHHH!

So, what’s a girl to do?  Keep on praying and trusting that God will show us what’s best for our family.  I just don’t want to screw up this decision.

In other news, I’ve decided to have a ladies luncheon in my home for all the ladies at church (about 30).  Usually about this time of year, I have to make a very concentrated effort to not be grumpy or sulk all day.  I’ve found that having something to look forward to helps me a lot.  So, with all of that in mind, I am overcoming cabin fever by planning this luncheon for my friends at church.  I’m having this little get-together the first Sat. of Spring (March 24).  I haven’t completely locked in on a menu yet, but I’m thinking about chilled strawberry soup, chicken salad of some kind, bread sticks, and lemon-raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

For any of you who are getting stressed out just thinking about this, let me assure you I think this stuff is a blast!  I wish I could make a living out of making invitations, menus and table decorations.  It’s fun to try new recipes and make things for people that I wouldn’t normally make for my family.  And to see people laughing and enjoying each other’s company in my home is something that gives me warm fuzzies.   So good-bye winter blues and hello to spring time cheer!




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7 03 2007

Wow, that school sounds great. Can you have an exemption for your girls? I know that we have friends sending their kids to a Catholic school and they are excused from the daily prayers/chapel. If it’s in the classroom that could be more difficult.

Your luncheon sounds great and I think you are very brave to host that many people! Wish I could crash your party. 🙂 I’m brainstorming about a party for kids…we don’t have any birthdays till Sept, and I’m thinking we need a party before then. 🙂

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