My Throat Still Hurts. . .

15 03 2007

Yesterday morning I took B and L to the YMCA for their swim class just like I do every Tuesday morning.  When it was finished the teacher took all the kids over to the hot tub to let them warm up a little.  All the moms were standing right beside the tub while the teacher was giving us updates on how each of the kids was doing.  I was watching my kids out of the corner of my eye when I realized I could only see Bryn.  “Where’s Lydia?” I asked with just a hint of panic in my voice and right about that same time I saw nothing but the top of a head bobbing in the middle of the hot tub.  Just as I started screaming “GET HER!” the teacher was in the pool pulling Lydia up out of the water.  Lydia coughed and gagged a few times and then sat at the edge of the tub until we were sure she was fine.  In the mean time, the teacher started apologizing over and over, and the lifeguard came over to check on everyone.  I assured everyone that she seemed fine and I didn’t want to frighten her with a bunch of people flocking around her.  They gave us some space and we walked back to the locker room to get changed.  My hands were shaking and my throat felt raw from the scream I let out when I saw that head in the middle of the tub.  By the time I got to the locker room I was actually I bit nauseated but I managed to hold it together and not puke.  Lydia seemed to be fine and when we got home she wanted to tell Conrad all about it (“I fell in the water and then I coughed and coughed and coughed!”  then Bryn pipes up, “and Mommy screamed really loud!”).  It’s amazing to me how quickly things can happen.  There were 3 moms, the teacher and the lifeguard all standing within a few feet of the hot tub and none of us saw it happen!  The other kids were standing on the seats in the pool where the water is about chest high for them.  I think Lydia must have thought that it was all level and stepped off the seat and ended up submerged.  There was no splash so I’m just thankful I saw her when I did!  Oh my. . . call me morbid, but last night when I was kissing Lydia goodnight I remember thinking, “God, thank you that I am not kissing a cold body, but that I had another opportunity to say good-night to Lydia.”  Then this morning, I got a call from the teacher just checking in on Lydia.  I assured her again that she seemed fine.  The teacher told me she had to go the locker room after we left and regroup and that she found the lifeguard (a 17-18 year old guy) off crying because it had scared him so bad!  She told me she filed an accident report, I assured her over and over I was not going to sue or do anything stupid like that.  Accidents happen and I’m just glad ours had a happy ending!  We did agree to bring Lydia back to the pool sometime before Tuesday and let her get back in the water before her next class.  I hope I never have to see something like that again!  My nerves (and my vocal chords) can’t take it!

On a much lighter note, today I had a few friends over for a play date and we ended up all going to Burger King for lunch.  The weather is warm today although a bit overcast and the girls insisted they needed an umbrella.  We got to BK and they opened the umbrella in the van so that it was nearly impossible to get through the door.  They finally came stumbling out and when I told them it was no longer raining, they continued to huddle together under the umbrella.  Bryn looked at me and said, “But Mommy, we still need to stand really close under the umbrella so we don’t shibber!”  Some things just aren’t worth arguing over.

As I’ve been writing this, both girls are outside playing.  Bryn came in and said that she was looking for a shovel so she could dig up the garden.  Then she found her watering can which I helped her fill and get back outside.  Then Lydia came in saying, “But Mommy, we don’t have any seeds and we really want to plant some flower seeds!”  So, I sent them back outside with a bowl full of rice krispies and told them these would make perfect seeds to plant (by the way, I once heard of a grandpa who took his grandkids outside one evening and planted cheerios all over the lawn.  Then the next morning the kids went outside and found donuts all over the grass.  I think that’s such a cute idea. . . maybe someday when I have grandkids. . .).  So, the girls are outside planting and watering rice krispies all over my flower beds.




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15 03 2007

Oh my goodness! That sounds very scary, for sure. And I don’t think you’re morbid at all, just a typical mom. 🙂

And the shibber and rice krispie stories are VERY cute. I’m glad you started a blog, so I get to hear more of that kind of stuff about your kids.

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