On the mend

21 03 2007

We spent most of the weekend taking turns being sick.  It started with Ellie throwing up, then it was Lydia.  Then on Saturday Conrad said he was feeling a little funny and he ended up being up all night very sick.  By Sunday afternoon he was better but I was feeling a little weird.  I spent all of Monday very sick and Lydia was back to throwing up again.  Bryn seems to have been spared this mysterious illness. . . hopefully she won’t get it.  Not my favorite way to spend a weekend but sometimes you gotta roll with the punches.

Today, I woke up feeling much better and at full energy so I cleaned my house like my life depended on it.  Got tons of laundry done, both bathrooms scrubbed, everything dusted and swept.  I still have more to do tomorrow.  I might tackle the windows if the weather permits.  I have the ladies luncheon this weekend at my house so I want it to look sparkling clean for that.

My friend Kari called this morning and asked if I was up for taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for supper.  She had just finished a big paper and was feeling a need to get out and do something fun.  Her husband works 2nd shift and mine works late on Tuesdays so we went for it.  To be honest, I did not have time to go.  I have a million and one things to do this week and I’m already behind since I lost a day to being sick.  But, something in me said, “Why live life at breakneck speed?”  So, I threw caution to the wind and headed to Chuck’s.  We had a great time, the girls played like crazy, we ate lots of pizza, and Kari and I had great conversation.  Why do you suppose we wait until the weekends to do fun stuff like that?  Why not pick a random Tuesday night and do something completely out of the ordinary?  That’s my great thought for the day.  Off to watch American Idol.




2 responses

21 03 2007

i’m glad you’re feeling better. can’t wait to hear how your party goes. have fun!

21 03 2007

Way to throw caution to the wind, Vickles! And nice work scrubbing the bathrooms. I’m sure that was fun after everyone was sick…eww…

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