Stress free showers and other longings. . .

12 04 2007

Yesterday, about 1:00 in the afternoon, I decided to finally take a shower.  I had had a very stressful morning so I thought I’d get the kids entertained and try to relax by taking a nice, long, hot shower.  The twins were watching Nick Jr. and Ellie was happily playing with some toys so I made my escape.  I got out my favorite smelling shampoo, turned on the hot water and totally relaxed. . . for about 30 seconds.  Here’s a play by play account of my shower:

Lydia:  Mommy!  Ellie pinched her finger and she needs you!

M:  Is she crying?

L:  Yes!

M;  Can you try to kiss it and make it feel better until I get out?

L:  okay!

1 minute later:

L:  Mommy!  Ellie is still crying can I get her a band-aid?

M:  yes, that’s fine.

1 minute later:

L:  Mommy!  Spongebob came on Nick Jr. so I turned it off.

M:  Okay.  Good job.  Thanks for telling me.

L:  Mommy!  Is it okay if we watch a video instead  of Nick Jr?

M:  Sure, I don’t care.

(Lydia runs off to report all of this to Bryn)

30 seconds later:

L:  Mommy! Do you know what Sponge Bob said?  He said, “I’m not just ugly, I stink too!”  Do you think that’s silly?

M:  I thought you weren’t watching Sponge Bob.

L:  We’re not.  We tried putting the movie on but Sponge Bob came on again.

M:  Okay.  Well, turn the tv off until I can come help you.

L:  (Runs off to tell this to Bryn)

L:  Mommy, can you hurry up so you can help us put on the video?

M:  I’m almost done, I’ll be right there.

L;  Okay, but hurry please.

And there you have it.  What I wouldn’t do for an uninterrupted shower. . .




2 responses

12 04 2007

Even though that story isn’t funny at all…I’m still laughing.

13 04 2007

i hear what you’re saying…

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