I’m back

24 05 2007

After a very lengthy silence I am back.  I have just survived a whirlwind that lasted almost 2 weeks. . . I’m happy it’s over with and I don’t care to relive it anytime soon.  Here’s the rundown:

Last Tuesday, my sister and I headed to Goshen, Indiana to spend some time with family.  We worked hard, slept little, ate lots, and did what we could to keep the kids happy.  Overall, they did really well with the exception of one rough night with Ellie.

We got home on Sunday afternoon.  Conrad had the house spotless but that only lasted about 2.8 seconds after we arrived.  The girls had the place trashed in no time.

Monday morning, Kimmie left for Virginia about 7:00 a.m., I went to the YMCA to work off the numerous Reese’s pb cups that I’d eaten the week before, came back and showered and headed off to the new job.

I survived Monday and Tuesday at the job (more details coming in a later blog).  I woke up Wednesday morning feeling completely overwhelmed with life and all that I had to do that day.  I dusted, scrubbed bathrooms, did endless loads of laundry, got groceries, bought flowers, potting soil, mulch, etc. and planted until 10:00 p.m.  Then, in a very exhausted state of mind, I read stories to the older girls, hustled them off to bed and sat down to watch American Idol (which I had recorded earlier that evening.  I’m glad Jordin won, by the way.)

Now it’s Thursday and I still feel behind in many areas (we are completely out of toilet paper, shampoo, soap, and a number of other things that I consider essential to running a household).  So, today my goals are to restock the house, lay down a bunch of mulch, and perhaps, just perhaps, read a chapter or two out of the book I’m currently reading.  I’m not holding my breath.




One response

25 05 2007

great to hear from you! wow, you have been busy! can’t wait to hear about the job, and i really, really hope you got to read a bit! take care of yourself, my friend!

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