My first days on the job. . .

26 05 2007

So I’ve now had 2 1/2 days on the job.  I think I’m going to like it for the most part.  It’s funny how your brain forgets the bad things and hangs on to the good things.  It’s been 6 years since I worked in the optical world and I forgot how much I hate little details (digging through a year’s worth of invoices to find the right one for a frame that is under warranty but has been discontinued, etc.  Jeesh. . .I could get stressed out just thinking about it.)  If being an optician were just a matter of dispensing, repairing, and adjusting glasses, I would love it.  But it’s not.  And so, just like with every job, you take the good with the bad and roll with the punches.  Everybody in the office is very nice and I think we’ll all get along fine.  One thing I’m trying not to stress about is the other optician.  She announced on Tuesday (my second day on the job) that she plans to take the entire month of June off which leaves me to run the entire optical department on only 4 days of training.  YIKES!  She’s very nice and has been super patient with me and my unending questions, but the word I’m getting around the office is that she’s been a difficult employee and nobody will miss her while she’s gone.  The last thing I want to do is get involved in some ugly, gossipy battle with her so I’m staying out of it and trying to appreciate how nice she’s been to me in my first week.  Thankfully, the doctor is super-duper nice and she has made it clear that she doesn’t expect me to know everything by the time the other optician leaves.  The doctor is also very helpful and will pitch in when I need it.  All in all, I think I will be fine and I feel up to the challenge of running the optical department at least for a while.




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