Laundry and More Laundry

27 06 2007

I’m up late at night doing laundry because I had a flash of energy that lasted just long enough to sort the laundry and put in the first load.  Then, in a momentary lapse in sanity, I decided to throw in a second load.  Now all I really want to do is go to bed but I am waiting for the second load to dry so I don’t have to face a wrinkly mess in the morning.

Speaking of laundry:  On Saturday afternoon, we took a picnic lunch to the park and let the girls play while we visited with some friends.  I had just gotten B and L situated with sandwiches, veggies, and individual cups of applesauce when E took a lunge at L’s applesauce.  She dumped it all over herself, and the picnic blanket and before I could go anywhere she crawled up on me.  I had applesauce all over my jeans and my shirt and by that time it was also in E’s hair.  I got a bunch of wet wipes and started cleaning stuff up and while I was busy doing that she went straight to B’s cup of applesauce and dumped most of that one too.  By the time it was all said and done, we were all a sticky mess.  Before the meal was over I also got a bottle of water spilled all over me.  It’s a good thing that kid is cute.  That’s all I’ll say about that.


High Ambitions

21 06 2007

Lydia just informed me that when she grows up she wants to be a traffic violation.

Saturday Morning

16 06 2007

I’m sitting in my robe (once again) drinking coffee (half french vanilla coffee and half pralines and cream creamer because I’m a wuss when it comes to coffee), and eating peanut butter toast.  I think I might venture out in a little while to try to hit some yard sales.   Conrad is golfing this morning with a bunch of guys from church.

We went out last night to celebrate our anniversary.  About an hour before we left, I was playing with Ellie and she took a big lunge at me and poked her finger in my left eye.  I had tears streaming down my face and the lights felt blinding.  I couldn’t even open my eye for several minutes.  The pain only lasted a few minutes but the whole rest of the evening my vision was weird and I couldn’t judge depth perception at all.  It was a very frustrating start to our evening.

For dinner we decided to try out a new restaurant in town.  A little Italian place just opened last week.  We hadn’t heard anything about it but it looked really nice from the outside, and since we’re on this kick about supporting local businesses, we decided to take our chances.  I have to be honest:  I think it was the worst meal I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.  I ordered chicken with some kind of lemon and white wine sauce and I was presented with the most dry and flavorless piece of poultry I’ve ever seen.  Downright unappetizing.  I ate a few bites and pushed my plate aside.  Conrad’s meal wasn’t much better.  He had chicken fettuccine with some kind of herb sauce.  It was edible but definitely lacking some flavor.   Thankfully the prices weren’t outrageous so we paid our bill and left.

We tried to see a movie but nothing decent was playing so we wandered around a few stores, went to TGI Friday’s and shared a dessert (and lamented about how we should have eaten our whole meal there), stopped at Blockbuster, came home and fell asleep halfway through “Rocky Balboa.”

One of our anniversary traditions is to write down our highlights of that year.  Here’s a few things that made this year’s list:

A trip to my parent’s house last summer that included a day at the beach, a day in Frankenmuth, and a day at the petting zoo.

A weekend at a cabin in Virginia with Conrad’s family.

Our Florida Vacation.

Ellie’s first steps.

Beginning my new job.

It’s always fun to reminisce about the year and wonder what we’ll be writing down on our next anniversary.

Okay.  Time to get our of my bathrobe and get the day started.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

14 06 2007

Yes, that’s right. Today marks 9 years of marital bliss for us. In honor of this monumental day, I offer 9 of my favorite things about my husband:

1. He is 100% supportive of my dreams.

2. He drinks chocolate milk almost every evening which I find adorable.

3. He patiently answers all of my sports questions.

4. He washes dishes, vacuums, and even dusts without one bit of grumbling.

5. He is passionate about his pursuit of holiness.

6. He is a FANTASTIC father to our girls.

7. He makes me laugh a lot.

8. He puts up with The Food Network.

9. He thinks I’m hot.

We plan to go out for dinner on Friday night to celebrate. That reminds me: Last year when we celebrated our 8th anniversary, Ellie was just 4 weeks old and I was still very much in recovery mode. I had been feeling funny all day and by the time we were ready to go to dinner, I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. My c-section incision was so sore, red and inflamed that on the way to dinner I called my doctor who told me to go straight to the hospital. When we got there, she took one look at my incision and diagnosed me with a massive infection. She then proceeded to pry the incision back open (no anesthesia, I almost killed her) and while she was holding it wide open she had Conrad dump about half a bottle of peroxide into it. Yup, that’s right. We know how to have a good time.

I’m a Lobster!

8 06 2007

Today, my dear friend Laronda and I took our kids (a total of 6) to the park for a picnic.  The weather was very hot (90 degrees) but there was a lot of wind so it didn’t really feel that bad.  We slathered the kids with sunscreen but totally neglected ourselves.  I don’t know about you, Laronda, but I am FRIED!  My forehead is tight, my arms feel like they’re on fire, and I am almost miserable!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Oh well, the great fellowship, yummy picnic, and watching the kids play together made it worth it.  But next time I’ll definitely use sunscreen.

Speaking Spanish and Other Adventures

7 06 2007

I took the girls to a breakfast this morning that was organized by my friend Aubrey.  There were 5 moms and 11 kids all ages 5 and under.  You can probably imagine what that experience was like, but in case you can’t, let me tell you.  First of all, I knew we were in trouble when our waitress showed up.  She was hard of hearing and had no teeth.  Secondly, Ellie woke up so early this morning that she was ready for a nap right about the time we ordered our food.  Thirdly, we were in a very small, cramped room where all the little voices were echoing off the walls.  At one point, Bryn looked at me with her hands over her ears and said, “Mommy!  It’s too loud in here!”  I could only sit and nod in agreement with her.  I love my friends, and I love their kids, but I was really ready to be done with breakfast and get back to the relative peace and quiet of my own house.

After breakfast we made a quick stop at the grocery store.  We were in the middle of the produce aisle and Lydia says, “Mommy, do you know how to say Mickey Mouse in Spanish?”  I assured her I had no idea.  “Moofa Moofa.  That’s how you say it!”  Now, I don’t speak Spanish but I have some serious doubts about that. . .

I’m speechless

2 06 2007

I’m kinda into this show on Discovery called “The Deadliest Catch.”  In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a show about fishing for King Crab on the Bering Sea.  Probably doesn’t sound all that great, but I find it so fascinating to watch how it’s done and I have great respect for the people who do it.  The reason the show is called “The Deadliest Catch” is because the job is considered among the deadliest jobs in the world.  The temperatures of the water are so brutally cold that a guy could survive only minutes if he goes overboard, plus there is so much dangerous equipment they work around in addition to all the normal dangers of being at sea (storms, etc.).

Anyway, so I’m watching this show yesterday and they were interviewing a guy who had some kind of accident on the boat that ended up crushing his ribs and severing a finger.  I noticed he was wearing a weird looking necklace and at the end of the interview the camera zooms in on it and the guy says it’s his lucky necklace.  He says, “Check this out.  I’ve got a bear claw, a lion claw, and my claw.”  Right around his neck on the same chain as the lion and bear claws is the half finger (complete with finger nail) that this guy lost in the accident.  I sat in my living room with my jaw dropped open for several seconds thinking to myself, “No, please no.  Please tell me this guy is not wearing his finger around his neck!”  But he was!  I am so terribly disturbed by this, I truly can’t put it into words.

There are some weird people out there.  Hang on to your kids.