Speaking Spanish and Other Adventures

7 06 2007

I took the girls to a breakfast this morning that was organized by my friend Aubrey.  There were 5 moms and 11 kids all ages 5 and under.  You can probably imagine what that experience was like, but in case you can’t, let me tell you.  First of all, I knew we were in trouble when our waitress showed up.  She was hard of hearing and had no teeth.  Secondly, Ellie woke up so early this morning that she was ready for a nap right about the time we ordered our food.  Thirdly, we were in a very small, cramped room where all the little voices were echoing off the walls.  At one point, Bryn looked at me with her hands over her ears and said, “Mommy!  It’s too loud in here!”  I could only sit and nod in agreement with her.  I love my friends, and I love their kids, but I was really ready to be done with breakfast and get back to the relative peace and quiet of my own house.

After breakfast we made a quick stop at the grocery store.  We were in the middle of the produce aisle and Lydia says, “Mommy, do you know how to say Mickey Mouse in Spanish?”  I assured her I had no idea.  “Moofa Moofa.  That’s how you say it!”  Now, I don’t speak Spanish but I have some serious doubts about that. . .




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