Saturday Morning

16 06 2007

I’m sitting in my robe (once again) drinking coffee (half french vanilla coffee and half pralines and cream creamer because I’m a wuss when it comes to coffee), and eating peanut butter toast.  I think I might venture out in a little while to try to hit some yard sales.   Conrad is golfing this morning with a bunch of guys from church.

We went out last night to celebrate our anniversary.  About an hour before we left, I was playing with Ellie and she took a big lunge at me and poked her finger in my left eye.  I had tears streaming down my face and the lights felt blinding.  I couldn’t even open my eye for several minutes.  The pain only lasted a few minutes but the whole rest of the evening my vision was weird and I couldn’t judge depth perception at all.  It was a very frustrating start to our evening.

For dinner we decided to try out a new restaurant in town.  A little Italian place just opened last week.  We hadn’t heard anything about it but it looked really nice from the outside, and since we’re on this kick about supporting local businesses, we decided to take our chances.  I have to be honest:  I think it was the worst meal I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.  I ordered chicken with some kind of lemon and white wine sauce and I was presented with the most dry and flavorless piece of poultry I’ve ever seen.  Downright unappetizing.  I ate a few bites and pushed my plate aside.  Conrad’s meal wasn’t much better.  He had chicken fettuccine with some kind of herb sauce.  It was edible but definitely lacking some flavor.   Thankfully the prices weren’t outrageous so we paid our bill and left.

We tried to see a movie but nothing decent was playing so we wandered around a few stores, went to TGI Friday’s and shared a dessert (and lamented about how we should have eaten our whole meal there), stopped at Blockbuster, came home and fell asleep halfway through “Rocky Balboa.”

One of our anniversary traditions is to write down our highlights of that year.  Here’s a few things that made this year’s list:

A trip to my parent’s house last summer that included a day at the beach, a day in Frankenmuth, and a day at the petting zoo.

A weekend at a cabin in Virginia with Conrad’s family.

Our Florida Vacation.

Ellie’s first steps.

Beginning my new job.

It’s always fun to reminisce about the year and wonder what we’ll be writing down on our next anniversary.

Okay.  Time to get our of my bathrobe and get the day started.




One response

18 06 2007

You guys have crappy anniversaries…but they do make for good stories. 🙂

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