Relaxing Sunday

16 07 2007

We had a guest speaker at church this morning which is always fun (I love it when Conrad isn’t up until the wee hours of the night on Saturday night/Sunday morning putting the finishing touches on his sermon).  After church was our monthly pot-luck, once again  long on over-cooked crock pot concoctions and short on salads.  After that we came home, put all 3 girls to bed (Break out into the “Hallelujah Chorus” here) and took long naps with the Reds game on in the background.  When we all woke up we headed outside where Conrad pushed the girls on the swings and I sat in my lawn chair reading “Little Women” (Meg just had twins, and Jo has no idea that Laurie has the hots for her).  After a while we all decided we were hungry so we headed back indoors for popcorn and chocolate milk shakes.  Now Conrad is in his glory because he just discovered his beloved Philadelphia Phillies are on ESPN and to top it off Harry Kalas is calling the game. . . I have a very happy husband right now. . . let’s just hope they win.  All in all, a very perfect Sunday.




4 responses

16 07 2007

Okay. This is it. I am coming out and letting you know that I love reading your blog. 🙂

17 07 2007

Hi Robyn,
Thanks for “coming out.” I should have come out a long time ago about reading your blog. . . I check it daily!

18 07 2007

don’t you love sundays that are actually relaxing? i’m glad you had one!

18 07 2007

Did you know that Ellen’s husband, Laurie, was named after the Laurie in Little Women? Just FYI…

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