I’m a weeping mess!

14 08 2007

Every year, about this time, several people from our church go through the local schools and pray.  We pray for the teachers, administrators, and students at the school, and we spend extra time praying for any of the kids from our church who will be attending that school.  This past Wednesday night, we went to North Elementary (where B and L will be starting in 11 days. . .).  I was totally fine before we got there.  In fact, I had had a very busy day and hadn’t given the prayer meeting much thought.  We were running around the house trying to get supper cleaned up, the kids in presentable condition, and get out of the house in time to get to the meeting.  I walked in the school, still a bit distracted and not at all emotional, and the principle told us he had unlocked Mrs. Trout’s room so we could go in there and pray if we wanted to.  We said thanks, and headed up the stairs with all 3 girls in tow.  I turned the corner, saw Mrs. Trout’s room, and promptly burst into tears!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???  I don’t know what came over me!  It was a mixture of, “I can’t believe I’m sending my babies off to school!” and “This room looks like the most fun place on earth and I’m so grateful they have a FABULOUS teacher!”  The room is decorated in a Hawaiian theme and I noticed a box of leis on the teacher’s desk.  There was a palm tree in one corner, exotic birds hanging from the ceiling, and on one wall it said, “We’re Diving into Kindergarten” and there were all these colorful fish and underwater things. . .so much fun!  And, of course, B and L were beside themselves with excitement.  At one point, Bryn looked at me and said, “Mommy, I want to meet some new friends in kindergarten and that’s why I don’t want to sit next to Lydia.”  Yikes.  I hope Lydia is okay with that!  Needless to say, Conrad did most of the praying, because I was an emotional train wreck and couldn’t get a word out to save my life.   It was a neat experience, despite my blubbering, to sit in their kindergarten room and pray together for their teacher, new friends, etc.

So, the back packs arrived in the mail, the Wal-Mart list is checked off (markers, crayons, tissues, pencils, etc.), and the back-to-school clothes are purchased.  Now, I’m down to my last 11 days of being at home with my little flock of pre-schoolers and I find myself trying to cram them full of any last moral values and lessons I can possibly fit in.   God help us all when I actually have to drop them off at the front doors of that school and then drive away!

In other news, I am on my 4th toothbrush in only 10 days thanks to Ellie who keeps finding my toothbrush, sucking all over it, then leaving it some place that remains a mystery to me. . .




3 responses

14 08 2007

oh man. if i would have been there, i would have joined in. i’m all sentimental lately…my twins are turning five in a few months and my baby will be 3 next month. on and on it goes.

in other news, i had a dream about you, co, michelle and i on ben yehuda street. was that a flashback or what???

17 08 2007

Okay…the toothbrush thing is hilarious. Good way to end the blog. I needed that laugh.

28 09 2007


Love reading your stories. I’m a proud Dad and granddad.

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