Answer Me This. . .

16 08 2007

I love my husband, I really, truly do.  Early on in my marriage, I made a commitment to speak about him in an honorable way, whether he’s around to hear it or not.  So, please don’t take what I’m about to say as anything other than an innocent question.

I did laundry on Saturday.  Today is Wednesday.  I woke up to an overflowing laundry basket and decided I better do laundry again.  I just finished folding the last load.  Here’s my question:  How did my husband manage to go through 15 t-shirts (yes, 15, I double checked my count!), 11 pairs of socks, and numerous pairs of shorts and underwear all in only 3 DAYS!!!  How, I ask you, HOW????




2 responses

16 08 2007

Here is the response from her humble husband, since everyone has a right to defend themselves in situations such as this. I did not go through that many t-shirts, socks, etc, in that short period of time. I just want you to know that, and preserve my rep if at all possible. I did, however, find a mysterious stash of clothes under my bed yesterday, and I’m thankful that my dear wife (whom I never say a negative word about) was able to wash the mildew & cobwebs off of those old shirts and socks. How’s that for a defense.

16 08 2007

i’m glad that the humble husband was able to answer, because i can tell you that i sure didn’t have an answer! 😀

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