Mini Golfing with 3 Kids and Other Things I Could Live Without

19 08 2007

It’s amazing how when you’re mini-golfing with 3 little kids, actually getting the ball into the hole becomes a very secondary thing.  Really, just surviving the experience and the migraine that comes with it is the main priority.   We went last night as an end of summer family thing. . .it started out as a really good idea.  The first hole was fine, but it went down hill from there.  Ellie was extremely grumpy and was not one bit happy about being restrained in her stroller while the rest of us got to hit colorful balls into a hole. Finally we decided to let her out.  I probably don’t need to describe the scene that took place next, but for those of you yet to be blessed with these pains-in-the-neck we call kids, I will:  The older 2 finally hit their ball (a fiasco in and of itself) to the right area of the green (and I use the term “right” very loosely).  Then Ellie would chase down the ball with this delightful little laugh, then pick it up and drop it in the hole.  Conrad and I were getting great entertainment out of this little game our youngest little princess was playing but B and L weren’t nearly as tolerant.   “ELLIE NO!  MOMMY SHE TOOK MY BALL AND I LIKED IT RIGHT WHERE IT WAS!”  Then the ball was grabbed from Ellie’s very tight fist which created great hysteria from her but made the older one happy, all while Conrad and I are saying, “Hey!  Careful!  Put the club down!  Watch her head!” and other parental gibberish that went unnoticed.  This was repeated at most of the greens we played on (of the 18 holes we decided to hit only the really cool ones and they were looking less and less cool as the evening wore on. . .I think we only played about 10).  We came home and I had a headache from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.  We put the kids to bed only to be awakened in the middle of the night by an asthma attack from Lydia (her 3rd one this week).  Ahhh, yes, the joys of parenthood. . .

In other news, I got the mail today and there were postcards addressed to B and L from their teacher. . .”Dear Lydia, Welcome to Kindergarten.  We will have a super year together, can’t wait to meet you at Open House on Tuesday. . .etc.”  I stood on my porch and cried.  Yes, I did.




One response

19 08 2007

‘and other parental gibberish that went unnoticed’…doesn’t that apply far too often in this whole parenting gig? 😀 thanks for keeping your sense of humour enough to tell us about it all.

wish i could come hang out with you during B and L’s first day of school!

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