A Dreary Sunday Morning

9 09 2007

It is Sunday morning and I just finished my monthly cinnamon roll and I’m still sipping my weekly cup of Scottish Grogg.  It is pouring rain outside, very dreary, and I’m still in my robe and none of the girls are dressed.  So I probably should be hustling around making everyone presentable for church, but I just don’t feel like it so I thought I’d sit here and blog instead.

I’m very much hoping that this rain cools things down.  This week has been excruciatingly hot. . . in the 90’s every day.  The girls’ school is not air conditioned and their teacher says it is hotter in the building than outside which I can hardly even imagine.  Every day this week the girls came home with their hair wet from sweat, faces bright red and begging for water.  It is pitiful, indeed.

I think I’m raising little health nuts.  I try to cook healthy meals for my kids and provide healthy snacks, but I don’t think I could be accused of being a health nut myself.  This week when I was packing their lunches I showed them their lunch (a sandwich, apple, yogurt, and pretzels) and asked them if they also wanted a cookie.  B responded by saying, “No mommy.  No junk food.”  I was a little surprised but I didn’t argue.  Then on Friday I told them I put a special surprise in their lunch box (individual packages of cheetoes).  That afternoon when I was cleaning out their lunch boxes both of them had opened packages that were nearly full.  I asked them why they didn’t eat it and B said, “I tasted it but it didn’t taste very healthy so I didn’t want it.”  WEIRD!  But fine with me!  I’m not sure if this is just a passing phase or what. . .but I guess I’ll encourage it while I can.

Hmmm.  What else.  I cleaned my basement and laundry room on Monday and it is still clean.  Definitely noteworthy.

Off to face the Sunday morning chaos. . .Can I just confess to you that if I weren’t the pastor’s wife I probably wouldn’t go to church today.  It’s pouring rain, and I just feel like sipping coffee and reading a good book today.  Ah, well.   Maybe this afternoon I’ll have the chance to do that plus watch a little football.  Here’s hoping. . .




One response

10 09 2007

mmmm…cinnamon rolls…now that’s a good idea!

and your girls crack me up!! my girls love to identify what is junk food and what is “hel-fy” food, but that’s never stopped them from eating the junk food!!

is there a rule that says the pastor’s wife can’t EVER skip church? not to be a bad influence, of course… 🙂

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