Laundry Day

19 09 2007

Today I am working on catching up with the laundry (by the way, I don’t think you can ever actually catch up on laundry, unless you insist that everyone, including yourself, is naked on laundry day. . .just a thought).

Here’s a few random tidbits from the last week:

1.  I had a 10 minute conversation with Lydia yesterday and the whole time I was talking with her I thought she was Bryn.  That is the weirdest feeling!!!

2.  My brother, sister and I (and our spouses) are brainstorming about a trip to New York City this spring.   Does anyone have any advice for planning a trip like this?  What should we see, what should we skip?

3.  Why, oh why, don’t people bring salads to potlucks?

4.  Someday I would like to live in Italy for maybe a year or so.

5.  What the heck was OJ Simpson THINKING???

6.  I am already sick of politics and it’s not even election year.

7.  We are going camping this weekend with our church (normally I hate camping. . .I mean I really hate it, but this is more like dormitory style buildings and meals are being provided so I can handle it).

8.  Dryer is dinging. . .off to fold clothes.




3 responses

20 09 2007

1. I can’t even imagine that…
2. I have no advice, but just today I was thinking about NYC and wondering if I’d like to go there someday, so I’ll be waiting for your advice!
4. I’ll come visit.
5. The heck if I know.
6. Move to Canada…we have very brief pre-election hype.
7. Sounds good.
8. Enjoy having a dryer! 🙂

21 09 2007

No comment on #3, Rhonda? That’s clearly the most pressing issue, don’t you think?

22 09 2007

ok, ok…
3. I don’t bring salads to potlucks because I hate washing lettuce and chopping stuff.

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