Tid Bits

28 11 2007

I took Ellie in to the doctor today for her 18 month check up.  She weighed in at 21 lbs. 6 oz.  I forget what her height was but she’s very short. . .less than the 5%.  Her weight is in the 20-25%.  She got 3 shots today which means she’s all done until kindergarten.  I am VERY happy about that!  The doctor said he’s not really that concerned about the fact that she’s not talking (not even a single word!) but if she’s still not talking in another 3 months then we’ll do some hearing tests and see it there is a problem.

B and L are into this thing where they draw a picture and then dictate a story to me about the picture.  Here’s Lydia’s recent masterpiece:

Little Miss Muffin went  outside to kiss the snake and then ate a worm.  Then she went inside and kissed a snake and kissd her mom on the cheek.  The end.


Thanksgiving Weekend

24 11 2007

The last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind: A bridal shower, baby shower, progressive dinner, Thanksgiving party, pre-marital counseling session, weekend guests. . .all in addition to the normal chaos of our household. I hosted all of those things, by the way, which I always like to do, but it means really staying on top of the household stuff, which gets me a bit stressed out.

So now it’s Thanksgiving weekend. We slept in on Thursday morning, had breakfast with the girls, watched The Parade, then watched the Detroit Lions get killed by Green Bay. Typical. Somewhere in there I also made crescent rolls to take to dinner. About 3:00 in the afternoon we headed to Tim and LaRonda’s for turkey and all the fixin’s. LaRonda and I decided we are no longer newleywed cooks. . .we’re darn good at what we do. She put on a fabulous meal that would have competed with any chef out there. And my rolls and salad with homemade dressing weren’t bad either.

All day yesterday was spent baking with my sister. . . one of my favorite things to do. In the evening we headed to Catfish Jones for some blackened catfish (YUM!) then into Columbus to watch my dear friend Christa Keim perform in “Nunsense.” The show was hilarious and Christa was just as great as I knew she’d be.

Today the plan is to take the girls on a little shopping excursion then later in the day we’ll put up the Christmas tree. . .stay tuned.

Operation Christmas Child, Esh Style

12 11 2007

I took the girls to Wal-Mart on Friday with clear instructions about how we are not shopping for ourselves, we are buying gifts for  little girls in other parts of the world who don’t have any Christmas presents.  I lectured on the importance of giving gifts to other people, not being selfish, thinking of others first, etc.  The girls were very excited about it at first.  Reality set in when I told them, “NO!    YOU CAN’T BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF AND ONE FOR THE LITTLE GIRLS” for the millionth time.  This little mother-daughter shopping trip turned into an all out fiasco in which I learned many lessons about the depravity of human nature, self-centeredness, and discontentment.  In a nutshell:  my kids are selfish.

Here’s a small sample of our conversation in the store:

L:  Mommy, do you think that little girl will like this?

M:  yes, Lydia, I think that’s a great idea.

B:  Can we get one for the little girl and one for ourselves?

M:  No.  Remember, we’re not shopping for ourselves today.

B:  I have to go potty.

L:  Mommy, how about a Barbie?

M:  A Barbie is too big for our box and then we couldn’t fit in anything else.

B:  So how about we just get the Barbie for ourselves and something else for the little girl.

M (Patience already wearing thin): Bryn, do I need to explain this to you again?

L:  Mommy, can I teach you a song?

M:  Sure.

B:  Mommy, how about some markers.  I think that little girl will really like markers.

M:  Great idea.  Let’s go find some markers.

L:  Mommy, did you like that song?

M:  Uhhuh.

B:  Mommy, when we find some markers do you think we can get some new ones for us too?

L:  Mommy, what was your favorite part of that song?

B:  Mommy, I have to go potty really bad.

M:  Girls, focus, what kind of markers do you want to put in your box?

B:  Mommy, I’ve never seen markers like this before.  Can we get some of these for us and maybe a new coloring book too?

M:  Girls!!!  Pick some markers and make it fast.

B:  Mommy, I can’t hold it much longer.

M (Desperation starting to set in): How about if I just pick the markers and notebooks so we can get home and see Daddy.

I’ll end the conversation there. . .you can kinda see how successful that little shopping expedition was.  It would have been much more efficient if I had just shopped by myself and then let them pack the shoeboxes.  I guess I’ll chalk that up to a lesson learned.

Another Whirlwind Week

2 11 2007

This has been a crazy week with some interesting moments thrown in here and there.  Here are the highlights and lowlights:

1.  We celebrated Conrad’s birthday last Friday night with an M&M ice cream cake that the girls helped pick out at the store (my apologies to all you purists out there who insist on baking and decorating every birthday cake for every birthday.  This year, he was just lucky to have his birthday acknowledged, even if it was with a freezer-burnt, store bought, over-sized M&M).  I let the girls each pick out a balloon for his birthday.  We came home with one pink smiley face and another pink, heart-shaped balloon with a yellow rocking horse, proclaiming ,”It’s a Girl!”  I wasn’t in the mood to argue.  Sometimes you gotta know how to pick your battles.

2.  Sunday, I attended an 8 hour class in preparation for the exam I’m planning to take to get my optician’s license.  I can certainly think of better ways to spend my Sundays than sitting in an overly air-conditioned room learning about light refraction and prismatic effect.

3.  Monday, I had the busiest day at work since I’ve started.  I was in the middle of about 15 projects all day long and couldn’t finish anything without getting interrupted by something else.  It was crazy.

4.  On Tuesday I got a call from the school saying that Bryn was running a temp of 102 and that I needed to come get her.  So, I left work right away, headed to the nurse’s station where I found Bryn softly wimpering on the bed.  She cried the whole way out of the building and when I asked her why she was crying she told me she was sad because she was leaving school, and that she was going to miss Lydia since Lydia was at school without her.  Later, when I returned to school to get Lydia, Mrs. Trout told me that Lydia was upset about being apart from Bryn so she took Lydia to the nurse’s station so they could say good bye to each other.  How pitiful is that?

5.  On Wednesday, Bryn woke up still running a temp so I decided to keep her home from school again, and this time Lydia flat out refused to be at school without her.  I finally decided to just keep them both home and skip the drama.  Great parenting, yes, indeed.

6.  I still went to the school on Wednesday for my normal volunteer time (my mom was here to stay with the girls).  It was the Halloween party at school where all the kids were dressed up.  I stayed for a while to help with that and before I left, Mrs. Trout (dressed up like a pumpkin), told me she’d stop by my house after school and bring the snacks and prizes for the girls.  They were thrilled, of course, and so were Conrad and I.  What a teacher!  That is going above and beyond the call of duty.

7.  I worked out at the gym this week next to a guy wearing dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie.  Wow.

8.  Today was a fairly “normal” day (whatever that is).

9.  Tomorrow night Conrad and I are going out to eat at The Olive Garden while a babysitter watches all 3 girls. . .the dinner and babysitting are compliments of our awesome congregation in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month.  Can’t Wait. . .I think we could both use the night out!