Another Whirlwind Week

2 11 2007

This has been a crazy week with some interesting moments thrown in here and there.  Here are the highlights and lowlights:

1.  We celebrated Conrad’s birthday last Friday night with an M&M ice cream cake that the girls helped pick out at the store (my apologies to all you purists out there who insist on baking and decorating every birthday cake for every birthday.  This year, he was just lucky to have his birthday acknowledged, even if it was with a freezer-burnt, store bought, over-sized M&M).  I let the girls each pick out a balloon for his birthday.  We came home with one pink smiley face and another pink, heart-shaped balloon with a yellow rocking horse, proclaiming ,”It’s a Girl!”  I wasn’t in the mood to argue.  Sometimes you gotta know how to pick your battles.

2.  Sunday, I attended an 8 hour class in preparation for the exam I’m planning to take to get my optician’s license.  I can certainly think of better ways to spend my Sundays than sitting in an overly air-conditioned room learning about light refraction and prismatic effect.

3.  Monday, I had the busiest day at work since I’ve started.  I was in the middle of about 15 projects all day long and couldn’t finish anything without getting interrupted by something else.  It was crazy.

4.  On Tuesday I got a call from the school saying that Bryn was running a temp of 102 and that I needed to come get her.  So, I left work right away, headed to the nurse’s station where I found Bryn softly wimpering on the bed.  She cried the whole way out of the building and when I asked her why she was crying she told me she was sad because she was leaving school, and that she was going to miss Lydia since Lydia was at school without her.  Later, when I returned to school to get Lydia, Mrs. Trout told me that Lydia was upset about being apart from Bryn so she took Lydia to the nurse’s station so they could say good bye to each other.  How pitiful is that?

5.  On Wednesday, Bryn woke up still running a temp so I decided to keep her home from school again, and this time Lydia flat out refused to be at school without her.  I finally decided to just keep them both home and skip the drama.  Great parenting, yes, indeed.

6.  I still went to the school on Wednesday for my normal volunteer time (my mom was here to stay with the girls).  It was the Halloween party at school where all the kids were dressed up.  I stayed for a while to help with that and before I left, Mrs. Trout (dressed up like a pumpkin), told me she’d stop by my house after school and bring the snacks and prizes for the girls.  They were thrilled, of course, and so were Conrad and I.  What a teacher!  That is going above and beyond the call of duty.

7.  I worked out at the gym this week next to a guy wearing dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie.  Wow.

8.  Today was a fairly “normal” day (whatever that is).

9.  Tomorrow night Conrad and I are going out to eat at The Olive Garden while a babysitter watches all 3 girls. . .the dinner and babysitting are compliments of our awesome congregation in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month.  Can’t Wait. . .I think we could both use the night out!




4 responses

2 11 2007
Aunt Jeannie

You deserve the night out. I’m happy for you.

2 11 2007


Loved hearing about your Whirlwind Week. Hope you enjoy your weekend. I’m missing you guys.


3 11 2007

oh vicki…i’m soooo offended. how could you? ha ha ha ha. just kidding of course. i wish i had that option sometimes. 😀 there are bakery cakes here but the frosting tastes just like fat. i can only imagine what your comments on that would be. 🙂

‘your’ teacher sounds amazing! our girls have a great teacher too and i think that is such a HUGE blessing.

take care! by the way, i wrote you an e-mail the other day and it got lost. now i’m disheartened and working up the motivation to try again…

13 11 2007

Hi, Vicki!

It was a hectic week for you and I was glad to be able to be there to be with the girls. I didn’t see you as much as I would have liked, but you do have a busy life.

It was so cute when Lydia got home from school that day, Bryn asked her to “cuddle” and watch a video. Lydia just looked at her and kept her seat on the arm of the chair. I guess Lydia wasn’t into the cucddle thing!

When Mrs. Trout came over she had the girls mixed up and started telling Lydia how sorry she was that she was sick. The girls didn’t say anything, just tucked their heads and looked away. I know how their teacher can mix them up as I hear every once in a while, “I’m Bryn” or “I’m Lydia”


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