Snow Day

6 12 2007

We had several inches of snow overnight so school was canceled today.  I’m enjoying having all 3 girls here.  I think Ellie is more content when her big sisters are around to entertain her.  This is my normal day to volunteer at the school so if feels like a day off for me too.  I’m using the extra time to bake bread, do laundry, reorganize my Tupperware cupboard and do other little projects here and there.

All 3 girls got bundled up and went outside to play in the snow.  Ellie lasted about 2 minutes before she fell over and couldn’t figure out how to get back up with all of her layers on.  Lydia was out about 20 minutes and Bryn lasted about 30.  They came in with cheeks all rosy and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Conrad is doing a funeral today (it’s a cold day to be standing in a cemetery!), and he has a wedding on Saturday.  He put his suit on to get ready for the funeral and I literally had to dust it off.  He so rarely wears a suit, only a couple times a year, so twice in one week is record setting.

We had a Christmas party with our college age Bible study on Sunday night.  Everybody brought food and we sat around eating, playing Balderdash, and poker (don’t worry, we weren’t gambling, and yes, the pastor has a poker set in his home.  It’s mine).  I love poker, and it definitely whet my appetite for when my family gets together at Christmas and plays non-stop poker.

I ordered a ton of Christmas gifts from Amazon and the packages are starting to arrive which is very fun.

I have suddenly become a huge LSU fan.  That one’s for you, David.




One response

6 12 2007

snow sounds like fun! we are having a break from the HOT weather we had a week or so ago, and now it’s just hot. 🙂 we’re also going to a wedding on saturday, and i confess i think this is a bad time of year to have weddings.

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