Saturday Morning

12 01 2008

Conrad has the day off today so we slept in then got up and had baked oatmeal for breakfast (I put in 1/2 the sugar it called for, 1/4 of the oil it called for, added some applesauce, blueberries and peaches. . .definitely better than the original and much healthier).  Now the girls are all playing, I’m drinking a cup of Scottish Grogg, and Conrad is showering.  I’m headed out in a few minutes to Springfield.  We are getting B and L new beds.  I’m embarrassed to tell you that my nearly 6 year old daughters are still in toddler beds on crib mattresses.  That’s ridiculous.  We found very reasonably priced mattresses so I’m planning to order them each a twin size mattress set.  I’ve already got the new bedding and they are thrilled to finally be in “big kid” beds.  Later on tonight we are getting together with some friends for dinner and to play their new Wii.  Should be fun.

Ellie said “Dora” last night.  She has also figured out how to say “Bye-bye.”  Won’t be long till she’s talking our ears off. . .




4 responses

13 01 2008

good to hear from you again. 🙂 what is this scottish grogg you are always drinking? very curious…

13 01 2008

It’s a flavored coffee. Has some butterscotchy undertones to it. My absolute favorite!

15 01 2008

I thought maybe it was coffee with a splash of scotch and that’s why you’re always so relaxed when you drink it…guess I didn’t quite get that right.

15 01 2008

If I was gonna have a drink of that nature, scotch would not be my choice.

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