Birthday Week

16 02 2008

Bryn and Lydia turned 6 on Wednesday so this week was full of birthday fun and also Valentine’s fun. . .Valentine’s boxes, cards, treats, parties, etc.  We celebrated their birthday on Wednesday evening with spaghetti, broccoli, and apple salad followed by cupcakes and ice cream.  They were thrilled with their “exploring kits” full of binoculars, water bottle, magnifying glass, compass, etc.  It’s what they asked for so we complied and we had 2 very happy little girls.  I took cupcakes into their class that day which was a big hit.  I made bumble bees for Bryn and ladybugs for Lydia (they are really into anything that starts with the same letter as their name).  Tomorrow, two of their friends are coming over for a “princess party.”  They are going to dress up like princesses and we’ll paint fingernails, watch princess movies, have tea and heart shaped sandwiches and other very girly things.  Should be fun.

In other news, we came very close to purchasing a building for our church (we made an offer contingent upon the inspection, the offer was accepted).  The problem was the inspector came out and found significant termite damage, black mold, foundation issues, roofing issues, plumbing issues, drywall issues. . .you get the idea.  We’re bummed because we really liked the building and it seemed perfect for our church and it was within our price range (now we know why!).  We haven’t given up on it, but we will be reevaluating our offer and deciding whether or not it’s worth the effort of redoing so much stuff.

We have company coming for supper tonight.  I’ve got taco soup in the crockpot all ready to go. . .stress free and very yummy.




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