A Word About Ellie

3 03 2008

Bryn came up to me on Friday evening and said (all in one breath and very panicked), “Mommy!  Ellie has something that we’re not supposed to have that looks like stickers but has flags on them all over her clothes and I think you should come look!!”  I was trying to keep up with what she was saying and it finally dawned on me she was talking about postage stamps!  I tracked down Ellie and found her covered in “flag stickers.”

She is saying a few words on her own but mostly she just repeats everything she hears.  Yesterday her new phrase was, “Oh bummer.”  Not that you’d be able to understand her really, but she at least gets the first letter right and the number of syllables.  Very cute.

My mom is here so Conrad and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go to the gym this morning together while she watched the kids.  We got outside and realized it’s gorgeous out so we took a jog in our neighborhood and longed for spring together.  But I just checked the weather and there is another storm on it’s way promising to bring ice accumulation, snow, and frigid temperatures. . .




One response

5 03 2008

Hope you got a picture of that, how cute!

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