A Quick Update

2 04 2008

The good news is the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the temperature is moderate (not nearly as warm as I’d like, but better than yesterday!).  The bad news is that Lydia is home with a headache and low grade fever for the second day in a row.  At least she’s not puking.

I took Ellie to the eye doctor this morning because I’ve been noticing some weird things with her eyes lately:  she blinks long and hard and she sometimes hits her eyes and whimpers and says, “Eyes, eyes.”  So I took her to the doc I work for who did a thorough examination only to find nothing wrong with her.   She did say that the tissue around Ellie’s eyes seems to be slightly bruised but everything else seemed normal.  I’m sure the bruising is from the way she rubs and hits herself.  Weird.  She gave me some drops to give to her to see if it’s just dryness.

We were in Michigan for less than 24 hours this weekend to attend Brian’s funeral (see last week’s post).  The service was the most beautiful funeral I’ve ever been to, but so very sad.

Today is my normal day to volunteer at the school but since Lydia is home sick I decided to just stay home and catch up on laundry and other menial tasks.  The dryer is dinging. . .




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