Tid Bits

6 04 2008

1. I did some spring cleaning today. . . nothing major, just a few windows, took the flannel sheets off beds, etc.

2. We had asparagus for supper tonight and the girls asked for seconds.

3. We tried to go for a bike ride but my bike is nowhere to be found. We think it may have been stolen sometime this winter. I find it disturbing to think that someone would be bold enough to just come into the garage and take it, but maybe they did.

4. Something is stinking up my refrigerator and I can’t figure out what.

5.  Ellie has been without her pacifier for 4 nights.




2 responses

7 04 2008

1. I’m almost ready to put flannel sheets back on our bed.
2. My girls also love asparagus!
3. That stinks.
4. So does that. But you knew that…
5. Was it intentional? Traumatic?

7 04 2008

I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s about time to pluck the pacifier but I didn’t have the energy to do it. Then the other night she was so tired that we put her in bed then went on a mad search throughout the house looking for a binky but we couldn’t find one anywhere. Suddenly we realized she was quiet in her bedroom. . .she went the whole night without a peep. So I was like, well, then, good-bye binky! The next day I found 2 pacifiers and promptly snipped them apart and threw them away before she could see them. She has asked for it a couple times but we keep using the “big girls don’t need binkies” line. . .

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