I lost Ellie today. . .

12 04 2008

The sun came out for about 45 minutes today so I decided to take Ellie for a ride in her stroller and get in a little exercise and fresh air for me.  About 5 minutes into the walk a pesky neighbor dog started following us and he and Ellie became good friends very quickly.  This dumb dog followed us for our entire walk and kept licking Ellie and making her laugh and she reached out and grabbed his fur and watched him wag his tail. . .she thought it was great.  Well, we finally got back home and the dog followed us right up onto our porch and begged to come in the house with us.  I shooed him away and thought that was the end of it.

About 20 minutes later I realized that Ellie was too quiet and I should probably check on her.  Right then Conrad came home for lunch and asked about her.  I said I was just going to look for her because she’s too quiet.  She was nowhere to be found.  Conrad and I searched the whole house and didn’t hear her anywhere.  It occurred to me that she might have gone outside through the back door since it was still open from earlier in the day.  I went out there and that’s when I thought maybe she was with the dog.  Conrad searched the whole backyard and I went around the front and found the dog 2 houses down from us but Ellie was nowhere around.  By this time we were definitely getting concerned and I was thinking maybe we need to call in some help to find her. . .I was trying not to panic but I could feel it welling up inside of me.

Conrad decided to start searching the huge cemetery behind our house and I decided to wander around the front and see if any of the neighbors were out and had seen her.  This time I looked again for the dog and I found it way down the block and right next to him was Ellie all dressed in purple, carrying a cup of animal crackers and just meandering along as if everything was fine.  I went running after her and when she saw me she pointed to the dog and with a big grin on her face said, “LOOK!!”

Oh my lands. . .I was in need of some good blog material, but I could have lived without that experience.  My nerves are shot.