Hooked on Phonics

17 04 2008

Bryn wrote the following today:

Give back my pezzu be cuz God wuz us too sher wis udr

Anyone want to try to decipher that?




4 responses

17 04 2008

“give back my pencil because God wants us to share with others”

am i right? 🙂 i’m unsure about the pencil part…

this reminds me of when C started writing and wrote out her recipe for “ice cold fear” 🙂

19 04 2008

LOL…I definitely agree with Rhonda on this one. It’s also possible she was talking about pizza. Either way, it’s great that she is allowing God to teach her such valuable lessons.

19 04 2008

yeah, I thought pizza at first too, but I could go with the pencil idea. Of course, if someone took her pencil what was she writing with? But if someone took her pizza, I’m thinking the emotional anguish would be too great to write a note at all. This is a toughie!

20 04 2008

I just asked Bryn to interpret it for me again, and she said, “Give back my pizza, because God wants us to share with others.” I’m not sure who to declare as the winner. . .

Rhonda, do I know this recipe for “Ice Cold Fear?” I would love to have it. . .

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