A Tough Week

28 05 2008

Last week was a tough one for our community.  A freshman at the local public school committed suicide in her home on Wednesday morning.  I didn’t know her or her parents but I am good friends with some of her extended family.  I was asked to help create some scrapbooks of her life to have at the funeral home so I was part of that project on Thursday night.  I’ve got to keep it real:  That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Seeing all those pictures of her as a young, happy, innocent little girl was heart wrenching.  I was also asked to help put together scrapbooks of her older sister who is graduating high school this weekend.  So I spent several hours on Monday night scrapbooking again (there were 4 of us working and we did 90 pages!).  Again, a very emotional experience for me.  It’s always tough to lose a child, but suicide is the unfathomable.  I simply can’t understand it.

On a much lighter note, today is B and L’s last day of kindergarten.  Mrs. Trout told me she is thinking about flunking my children so she can have them again next year.  I wish she would.  The girls are sad about being done with school but very excited about the summer months.  We made a list last night of the things we want to do:  go fishing, eat ice cream at Young’s Dairy, mini golf, sleep in a tent in the back yard, go to the zoo, go to a baseball game.  We’ll stay busy, I’m sure.

And on an even happier note, Kimmie and Jon are all moved in and mostly settled in their new house.  Check out their blog for pictures of moving day and updates.


A lesson on lions

20 05 2008

This conversation took place this morning while the girls were getting dressed for school:

Lydia:  Mommy, you know what my favorite part of Daniel in the Lion’s Den is [referring to the Veggie Tales version]?  I love the part where Larry gets out of the den and says “Thanks for the pizza!”

Bryn:  Lydia, lions don’t know how to make pizza.  They just know how to make meat.

Lydia:  Oh yeah, you’re right.

Bryn:  So I guess they just had meat pizza.

In Ellie news, her vocabulary now includes, I la loo (I love you), sticky,  Ba (Bryn), LaLa (Lydia), whamess (what a mess), and tank oo (thank you).

Back to work. . .

A Glimpse at the Last Week

18 05 2008

It’s been another busy week in the Esh Household, starting with Mother’s day, then Ellie’s birthday, then a visit from Conrad’s parents:

The girls created a “Mommy Store” for me for Mother’s Day complete with homemade money they gave me to purchase my gifts. . .very creative:

These are the flowers in homemade flower vases they did in kindergarten:

We had a small celebration as a family for Ellie’s 2nd birthday that included purple cupcakes with sprinkles:

I’m including this picture because of me in the background. . .you might think I’m laughing but actually, Conrad caught me mid-sneeze!

The girls were helping me plant flowers and they insisted they must have aprons to garden properly.  Their aprons no longer fit, so we settled for sleeveless pajamas over their clothes:

My rhubarb!

A more proper celebration of Ellie’s birthday:

Big News

9 05 2008

Exciting stuff around our house today!  Bryn is the first one to lose a tooth, she is ecstatic and Lydia is bummed out:

Here’s a picture of Ellie from this past Sunday. Pay no attention to her hair; I tried 4 times to pull it back but she threw such a horrible fit each time that I finally gave up and declared her the winner. Does anyone recognize her dress?

Today, I won the hair battle:

And while I’m at it, here’s a picture of the slumber party I had with the older girls a few weeks ago.  We looked through their scrapbooks then watched a movie.  We slept on the sofa bed all night (actually, they slept while I tossed and turned):

And one more. . .believe it or not, Lydia took this picture of Conrad and me:

That’s all for now. . .

Finally a Real Post

1 05 2008

I decided it’s time to actually update this instead of just posting a link leading you to other stuff.  Here in random order are a few events from the last 2 weeks or so:

1.  Our car is in the shop with a so far undiagnosed problem.  It’s a real pain having to share a vehicle with my husband. . .what can I say, we’re an all-American, spoiled rotten, consuming too much energy kind of family.

2.  Ellie wrote all over our new tile floor with a bunch of crayons like it was a giant canvas and she was getting ready for an art show or something.  Thank God I’m an experienced enough mom to keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on hand at all times.

3.  Conrad is moving out of his office, but the new office at the new church isn’t ready yet.  So, that means I have to put up with all of that furniture, and an enormous amount of books in my home office until he can get into his new office which may be another 6-8 weeks.

4.  For the first time ever, I actually voted for an American Idol contestant.  I really like David Cook.

5.  I’ve been suspicious since my twins were about 8 months old that they are actually mirror twins.  As they developed, my suspicions continued to grow and finally it became clear that Lydia was definitely right-handed and Bryn was definitely left-handed.  That pretty much sealed my thinking on the matter, and now I have even more reason to think they are mirror twins:  I took them to have their eyes examined today and the doctor told me that their eyes seem to mirror one another.  Lydia has astigmatism in her right eye but none in her left, and Bryn was just the opposite.  Interesting.  She also told me that neither of them need glasses right now but they are well on their way to being as myopic as their mother.  I was seriously hoping that my kids would have Conrad’s 20/20 vision, but she actually laughed at me and said she can already tell they will be needing glasses at a young age, but we can hold them off for maybe a  year.  I really hated to hear that.

6.  I am going through serious withdrawal symptoms now that we have finished seasons 2 and 3 of “The Office.”  Once or twice a week we would put the kids in bed and watch an episode or two but now we’ve finished them all and I’m sad.  My all-time favorite episode is “The Injury” from season 2.  I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe.

7.  My little sister and her husband and their lime-sized baby are moving to West Liberty in less than 3 weeks.  That means I can be at her house in the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee.  Can’t wait.

8.  Ellie will be 2 in less than 2 weeks.  I think she’s getting ready to be potty-trained.  I hope so because I just spent $30 on a pack of diapers. . . I can definitely think of other ways I’d rather spend that money.

9.  All 3 girls are in serious need of a bath. . .off to call in the troops from the playhouse.