Big News

9 05 2008

Exciting stuff around our house today!  Bryn is the first one to lose a tooth, she is ecstatic and Lydia is bummed out:

Here’s a picture of Ellie from this past Sunday. Pay no attention to her hair; I tried 4 times to pull it back but she threw such a horrible fit each time that I finally gave up and declared her the winner. Does anyone recognize her dress?

Today, I won the hair battle:

And while I’m at it, here’s a picture of the slumber party I had with the older girls a few weeks ago.  We looked through their scrapbooks then watched a movie.  We slept on the sofa bed all night (actually, they slept while I tossed and turned):

And one more. . .believe it or not, Lydia took this picture of Conrad and me:

That’s all for now. . .




2 responses

9 05 2008

1. that’s so bizarre that you post a picture of that dress this week. (and i did recognize it!) i was just trying to remember if i really sent it to you or not. 🙂
2. Ellie looks so much like you!
3. that picture of Bryn is adorable. 🙂
4. i love when you post pictures.

9 05 2008

I love those pictures of Ellie! And Bryn looks so grown up with her lost tooth. Your girls look so much like you!

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