A Glimpse at the Last Week

18 05 2008

It’s been another busy week in the Esh Household, starting with Mother’s day, then Ellie’s birthday, then a visit from Conrad’s parents:

The girls created a “Mommy Store” for me for Mother’s Day complete with homemade money they gave me to purchase my gifts. . .very creative:

These are the flowers in homemade flower vases they did in kindergarten:

We had a small celebration as a family for Ellie’s 2nd birthday that included purple cupcakes with sprinkles:

I’m including this picture because of me in the background. . .you might think I’m laughing but actually, Conrad caught me mid-sneeze!

The girls were helping me plant flowers and they insisted they must have aprons to garden properly.  Their aprons no longer fit, so we settled for sleeveless pajamas over their clothes:

My rhubarb!

A more proper celebration of Ellie’s birthday:




3 responses

18 05 2008

I love it when you post pictures 🙂

19 05 2008

hee hee, ellie looks like turning two wasn’t all that exciting. 🙂 love the mommy store! that’s great.

19 05 2008

Thanks for all the pictures. We will have to get together soon…school is almost over.

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