Bad, bad decision

1 07 2008

I just checked my husband’s (my dear, dear husband) facebook page and found that he had posted a seriously unflattering picture of me on the beach. In my bathing suit. On the Internet.  For all to see.  Not so happy about that at all. After a good lecture about the indecency and humiliation of that (I still don’t think he really gets it), we agreed that a suitable punishment would be for me to post this situation on my blog (His comment to me was, “I hate it when I screw up like this. . . punishment is so humiliating.”).  Bring on the comments.




3 responses

1 07 2008

i’m alternately laughing and cringing. and thankful that my husband leaves posting pictures to me. 🙂

it also amuses me that wordpress suggests that i might like to view the possibly related post “britney spears makes a bad decision.” hee hee.

1 07 2008

That’s really funny…you are a lot like Britney Spears…

6 07 2008

Oh how awful. I’m sure he didn’t think it was a bad picture of you, right? I mean, most guys would probably think a picture of their wife in a bathing suit is nice, no matter what 🙂 But I feel your pain.

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