Slowing Down. . .slightly

26 07 2008

I am sitting down with a cup of coffee and an English muffin on a Saturday morning to catch you all up on the happenings around here.  The laundry is underway, the kids are entertained, Conrad is off to a class. . .we’ll see how long the peace lasts.

This is all very random:

Ellie is on this kick where she associates each person with one word.  Her conversations sound like this:

Mama, where’s purse?

Lydia, where’s lion?

Bryn, where’s bunny?

Daddy, where’s bible?

Nana, where’s Rusty (the dog)?

Kimmie, where’s Jon?

Everytime she sees someone she asks them the same question over and over.  Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s annoying.

I spent the last 3 days with my mom.  Kimmie and I took my girls (and her cantelope sized baby) to Goshen to hang out with my mom, brother, sis-in-law and their 3 kids.  We had a great time.  We took all the kids (except my 15 month old nephew who had a dr. appt.) blueberry picking and we picked 24 lbs. of blueberries in about an hour.  Not bad.  Even Ellie had her own bucket.  I couldn’t believe how well she did.  I told her to just pick the blue ones and leave the green ones alone and she did!  We divided the berries up so today I plan to do some baking but I plan to freeze most of them.

We also spent a day at the pool.  I love pools, I love water, and I love my kids.  But all 3 kids need close supervision and without Conrad there it was a bit stressful for me (B and L have been taking swimming lessons but are not yet confident swimmers).  At one point Ellie tripped and fell backwards into the water nearly sending my heart into cardiac arrest.  Thankfully Kimmie was right there to scoop her back out and it was no big deal (other than the heart thing!).  At another point, Lydia got too confident without her floatie and pushed herself too far away from the side of the pool then couldn’t get back.  I saw it happening and could get to her fast enough so that it wasn’t a big deal either.  But, both of those incidents were enough to remind me why I don’t go to the pool alone!

As we were getting ready to leave Goshen, Ellie threw the worst temper tantrum of her life (literally).  Maybe some of you have noticed I haven’t been referring to my “perfect and easy baby” very much these days.  That’s because she is 2 and I don’t really like 2 year olds.  She can be cute and funny and downright endearing.  But overall, I don’t really like her right now.  KIDDING!!  Just kidding.  But, any of you who have survived the terrible twos know what I’m talking about.  They don’t call them terrible for nothing. . .  I think I ate close to 20 Dove Dark Chocolate pieces just to survive that fit.  Some prefer cigarettes or vodka.  Not me.  Give me Dove Darks any day and I’m good to go.

I have 5 friends/family members expecting babies the first week of August.  Two of them had their babies last week:  my new niece (Conrad’s sister’s baby),  Cara Eve was born last Saturday, and my new cousin-once-removed,  Braden Emery was born on Thursday.  Both arrived early to everyone’s surprise.  Those are fun phone calls to get. . .

The coming week should be a little better pace.  The church is nearly done.  We plan to have our first service there next week (August 3rd).  We have a big cleaning day scheduled for Thursday to get the place in tip-top shape for the first service.  I’ll be relieved when this is done, done, DONE!

Okay.  Enough rambling.  Anyone who made it to the end of this pointless entry is a friend indeed.  Until next time. . .




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30 07 2008

can you fax me a few of those dove darks? i could use them…

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