We found our camera!!

28 08 2008

After 2 weeks of near panic due to our camera going awol, I am happy to report the lost has been found.  This post is just showing a few pics of the last part of summer and the first day of school (how, how, how can that be??).

Sunday afternoon canoing with the fam:

Ellie on a treasure hunt:

We packed a picnic and went to the zoo:

Yes, we really were this close to the lion!

The first day of first grade:

We have lots to look forward to in the next few weeks, including a family reunion over Labor Day, and Kimmie’s baby is due in only 9 weeks!  Can’t wait!


A Day Off

19 08 2008

I actually wrote this post on Friday, the 15th and for some reason couldn’t publish it. . .

I am up early this morning because my sister and I are heading to a few yard sales in the hopes of some good deals on gender-neutral baby items for her. I’ve hardly done any yard-saleing this year which is unusual for me so I’m looking forward to scouting out the deals.

Conrad is taking today off and we are heading to the zoo with the kids. I’m packing a lunch and we are going to spend one last day together before school starts. . .I can’t believe we’re down to the last few days of summer vacation. School starts on Tuesday, the 19th.

I’m an Olympic junkie. I can’t get enough of watching the games! There’s something amazing to me about so much of the world coming together all for sports. Oddly, I often find myself cheering on the other countries. The USA has so many more resources available for training, etc. So when another country beats us out I think it’s extra special. I will have to say, however, that I am a big Michael Phelps fan. I just read an article yesterday about his dietary habits: 12,000 calories a day. Here’s a sample breakfast: 3 fried-egg sandwiches, 2 cups of coffee, a 5 egg omelet, bowl of grits, 3 pieces french toast, 3 chocolate chip pancakes. They also listed his other meals which were equally calorie rich then made the comment that he actually has a hard time keeping weight on. Wow. Guess I should have been an olympic swimmer.

Off to the yard sales. . .

Thoughts on the Fair and Family

7 08 2008

The Fair has arrived here in our little town. We took the girls the other night. I think that fairs are a cultural experience. I also think the fair brings out all kinds of people. I wish I would have kept a list of the offensive t-shirts I saw that night. . .not that I could publish it here in good conscience. The immodesty and general trashiness of the women was astounding. I normally think of our town as a pleasant place to live, but you wouldn’t get that impression if all you did was head to the local fair. Enough on that topic. . .I will say that the girls had fun on the rides and I enjoyed the food. Where else can you get pulled pork, fried pickles and funnel cake all at one place?

On another note, we survived our first Sunday in the new church building. The week leading up to it was absolutely crazy and I am forever grateful to the men and women of our congregation who worked late into the night making the place presentable. I am also thankful for my cousin, Carla, who gave me many hours of selfless service by cleaning my house, helping me out with the kids and generally keeping me sane for a couple of days last week. Also, my cousin Katrina and her husband, Dave, and their 4 awesome kids were here for the weekend and they were a huge help to us. Dave was out late Saturday night helping unload and set up chairs and Katrina was up early Sunday morning helping me do one last clean-up before people arrived. And finally, my sister and her husband came to our house early on Sunday morning to help my girls get ready so that Conrad and I could both be at the church early doing various things. Maybe this paragraph sounds like some kind of award acceptance speech with all the “thank yous” but it feels good to acknowledge all the people that helped pull off this massive project and keep the pastor’s family cared for.

And one final thing: I made 3 blueberry pies in the last 2 weeks and they were fabulous.