Potty Training Update

13 09 2008

Potty training is going okay. . .E very rarely has accidents, but she asks to go potty so often it’s ridiculous (and exhausting, and frustrating).  She only actually pees about 1 of every 8 times that I take her.  So, we’re not there yet, but at least I’m not mopping pee up from my hardwood floors.

In other news, the older girls didn’t have school yesterday due to an inservice day.  We were supposed to go horseback riding but it was really rainy again so our plans were changed.  We stayed home and made cookies instead.

Today will be another day of baking.  I plan to make some rolls and a pumpkin cake for tomorrow’s dinner.  Some family is here for the weekend and we’re having Sunday Dinner at my sister’s house.  Yes, that’s right.  She’s 32 weeks pregnant and cooking for everyone.  We’re nice like that.




One response

17 09 2008

33 weeks pregnant…not 32. Duh.

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