Finally, an update

17 10 2008

If you’re looking for a profound reason for the long silence, you’ll be disappointed.  It was a combination of computer problems (I’m not a swearing kinda gal, but computers push me to the edge sometimes. . .), legitimate busyness, and a 2 year old who comes running every time she sees me sit at the computer because she thinks I only sit at the computer to play peek-a-boo on  And a little laziness, I’ll admit.  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like sitting at the computer. . .

The tooth fairy has been making regular appearance around here.  Between the twins, they have 3 missing teeth and many more that are wiggly.  Anytime they are sitting still, they can be found with their fingers in their mouth wiggling away.  The funny thing is that Ellie does it too.  She’s convinced her teeth are on the verge of falling out.

My little sister is due to have her baby in less than 3 weeks.  The waiting is torturous.

I love selling Usborne Books. . .let me put in a shameless advertisement:

For some reason, my kitchen has been swarming with fruit flies for the last week.  I can’t stand it!!  And even worse, I can’t figure out why!  I saw on the Internet that a good way to get rid of them is to put a bowl of red wine vinegar plus a drop of dishwashing liquid on the counter.  Gross as it is, I checked the bowl today and found an alarming number of fruit flies in the bottom.  I guess it’s working.

The Phillies are in the World Series and I have a very happy husband.  We have lost an awful lot of sleep by staying up to the very end of the play off games.  Well worth it, just to watch my husband go nuts.  Hilarious.