Not exactly an update. . .

4 12 2008
I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, and maybe you’d like to hear more about what’s happening in our household these days.  I promise to post something soon. But, I just came across the following entry from a fellow blogger and was so moved by it, I decided to post it here for my readers to take a look at.  Enjoy!
The Comedian Bill Cosby once said, “You are more likely to remember your childhood than the place you left your glasses.”
Ask me about a dream I had when I was 4 years old. I can relay it back to you like it occupied last night’s sleep.
Ask me the full name of a boy I met in kindergarten. and never saw since then. I can tell you. and point him out in a crowd of people twenty years later. (yes, this happened)
Ask me about a song I made up about my first grade crush. I can sing it for you on the spot.
Ask me about a field trip I took in grade school. I’ll give you specifics.
Go ahead. Ask me any number of random questions from my early childhood. I can tell you. Usually without skipping a beat.

For those years seem to be locked in my brain. set in the very foundations of my memory.

Yes, my ability to easily recall information is fast fading. But that’s not what currently grabs my attention. I stand more in awe of the fact that my children are now in that season of their lives.
The season that I so vividly remember, they are now living. The memories that obviously became a cornerstone for my identity, they are now playing out. I am now creating.
Honestly, I’m not so sure if this excites or scares me.
Okay, so yeah. It completely freaks me out.

But on one level, it also motivates me to try and live out today as if *NOW* will become one of those unbudging, childhood memories. The ones that are etched into the framework of their minds. forever set into the beginnings of their budding personalities.

Because, in all reality, today may very well be one of those random life moments. the kind that, for some unknown reason, leaves a lasting impression.
God help me.

So I have to ask… If this moment was to become a “forever memory,” how would they remember me? how would they view themselves? view my perception of them as people?

In this moment.
Today I will smile more. I will stop what I’m doing and truly listen to what they’re thinking. I will make sure that 90% of what I say is not correction, instruction, or aggravation.
I want to BE the mom that I hope they’ll remember me to be.


For all too soon, it just becomes a distant memory.
I don’t know about you, but that entry grabbed my attention!!  This was a good reminder that I am creating memories for my girls that could stay with them their entire life. . .



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5 12 2008

thanks. i needed that.

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