The Promised Update

11 12 2008

Ok.  I promised an update last week, so here we go. . .

Life is sort of routine right now with school, work, church, etc.  The challenge is to find joy in what has become the mundane. . .

But, of course, the routine is interrupted with Christmas preparations which is enough to keep even the most organized mother (not that I’m claiming that title!!) on her toes.  Christmas dinners, shopping, wrapping, and trying to keep myself sane (and maybe even joyful) through it all, can be a challenge!

Here’s a few bullet points to give you some of the highlights of the last few weeks:

  • We spent Thanksgiving with my mom in Goshen.  Had a great time despite 7 very loud grandkids running around with endless energy.
  • We celebrated Christmas last weekend with my dad in Frankenmuth, Michigan at Splash Village.  My long time readers will remember that we did that last year as well.  Very fun this year (last year I had strep throat. . .ugghh!).  The only down side was how much time was spent trying to get my youngest daughter to poop.  Poor kid.  The indignities of being 2 years old. . .
  • My 7 year old nephew is having tubes taken out of his ears this morning.  A kid at school told him the doctor would put him to sleep with a dart gun.
  • Yesterday I was running errands and a song came on the radio called, “All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan.”  I found myself wiping tears off my face as I was driving. . .it touched my soul so deeply.
  • I just discovered that you can watch the blooper reels from “The Office” on Youtube.  I highly recommend it.
  • I am planning a fondue party for our college group at church.  I’ve never made or served fondue in my life. . .any advice?
  • Today, Ellie and I are off to the craft store to find nice but cheap decorations for a church Christmas dinner.  Here’s hoping she’ll poop before we leave.

That’s all for now. . .




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7 01 2009

hey, what’s new? 🙂 just wanted to say hi and that i got the books in KS. i admired them and wished that i could sign up to sell them too. 🙂

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