The Dentist

10 01 2009

I took L and B to the dentist this week for what I thought would be a pretty routine visit.  Not so much.  Before it was all said and done, B had 3 fillings, L had 1 filling, a root canal and a tooth extraction!  And we’re not done.  THey have to go back next week for more work.  They were so brave through the whole thing. . .not a single tear anywhere.  Honestly, it was probably harder on me. . .I hated to watch it all, but worse, I hated that it was happening and I felt responsible for it!  I asked the hygienist what I should be doing to prevent another visit like this and she gave me a list of things (limit juice, pop, sugar, brush regularly, etc.) but I’m already doing all of that!  Ugghhh.  It was a discouraging report to say the least.  So now I’m on an anti-sugar kick and my poor kids will be brushing their teeth til the cows come home.

In other news, we spent the day shopping yesterday.  The older girls didn’t have school (teacher work day) so we took advantage of the opportunity to do something together.  B and L needed winter coats (now is the time to buy them. . .we got them at 75% off!!) and all 3 girls needed shoes really badly.  We got good deals on the shoes too so I feel a little more caught up in that area.

We spent the evening with some dear friends (Tom and Karen Beachy, Garret and Joanna Buehler, Kimmie and Jon).  Karen and Joanna made a fabulous meal which we thoroughly enjoyed and then we sat around and chatted about life.  Tom and Karen are the parents of Brian Beachy who died of cancer last March (see the link to his blog from this page).

We got home from the Beachy’s home and I found a note from my cousin Carla who is currently living with us.  Here’s part of it:

“I cleaned your house for you as a little surprise.  Now you can just relax tomorrow morning. . .”

Isn’t that awesome???  That’s the nicest thing that’s happened to me in a long time!!!  So here I sit enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee and catching up my blog, all because my bathrooms have already been scrubbed, the house is dusted and vacuumed, and my stress level is at an all-time low.  THANK YOU CARLA!!!  My heart is doing the happy dance. . .




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