A Conversation with Daddy

11 01 2009

Here’s the conversation Conrad just had with the 3 girls while he was putting them to bed:

Bryn:  Daddy, can I pray for Ellie?  Lord Jesus, I pray that Ellie would be a preacher like Daddy when she grows up.

Conrad:  That’s a wonderful prayer, Bryn.

Bryn: Do you know what I want to be when I grow up? I want to be an artist.

Conrad:  Do you still want to go to other countries and tell people about Jesus?

Bryn:  Yes! I want to go to other countries and show people my art.

Lydia:  Daddy, do you remember what I want to be?  I want to work for the church and have an office next to yours.  Are you still going to be a preacher then?

Daddy:  I’m sure I’ll still be preaching then and it would be fun to have our offices together.

Bryn:  And I want to make a whole bunch of art and put them all over  your office.

Ellie:  Daddy, I want to be a lion.




5 responses

11 01 2009

Thanks for sharing — that’s a great conversation. = ) And wow – what a cousin you have as well! I was happy for you just reading it.

12 01 2009

so good to hear from you! love the conversation. 🙂 and what a great cousin…that’s really wonderful! enjoy the clean house.

12 01 2009

That is hilarious. Ellie’s aspirations made me laugh out loud. And I am so thankful that Carla made your life so much easier going into the weekend…not that we had any doubts as to her helpfulness.

13 01 2009

Don’t forget that the lions bowed to the power of God instead of attacking Daniel. Ellie is definitely on the right track (on top of being too cute)

22 01 2009
Karen Joy

That is so cute!!

My 2yo daughter is always talking about what she’s going to grow to be. Sometimes, she grows little, sometimes big…. Our favorite is when she said, “When I grow to be a squirrel…” 😀

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