A Change of Heart

15 01 2009

Usually I spend most of the winter trying to figure out why my forefathers decided to settle in the midwest.  I mean, c’mon people. . .why not Phoenix where the sun is always shining??  On more than one ocassion, I have declared my hatred of winter and all things cold.  But, a funny thing is happening to me: I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, I’m starting to like winter.  Today the snow is steadily falling, the air is a brisk 10 degrees, the roads are a mess, and we are stuck inside where it’s warm.  There’s just something about looking out my window and seeing my whole world turn white, about watching my kids trudge through the knee deep snow, stopping every now and then to catch a snowflake on their tongues.  It’s a cozy feeling, knowing I’m safe and sound in my warm house, forced to slow down for the day. . .off to refill my hot chocolate.




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