An argument for homeschooling

22 01 2009

Some of my long term readers will recall about a year and a half ago when we were struggling with where to send our girls to kindergarten.  After much prayer and discussion, we decided the local public school was the best option for our family.  Now, I may change my mind and forever homeschool my kids.  Wanna know why?

Head lice.  That’s why.

Yup.  I discovered it last night about 8:00.  After I had worked a long day, came home with a head ache and a sore throat and a deep desire to curl up under some blankets and veg out.  I got the kids out of the tub, started combing hair and soon my eyes were seeing things I did not want to see and my mouth was saying things like, “Oh no.  Oh God, please no.  Please, please no.  NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!”  I promptly cried.  Then I called my husband to come home from his meeting and stop by the pharmacy on the way.  Then we went to work:

Nasty smelling shampoo in the hair.  Sheets and pillowcases off the beds.  Coats, hats, hooded sweatshirts, stuffed animals, towels, rugs, all thrown in a pile to be washed.  Kids back in the tub to rinse out the nasty shampoo.  And then we combed. and combed. and combed.  Until 11:00 at night.  And I ate chocolate to calm myself down.

Today, I cleaned their room top to bottom, including vacuuming the mattresses, bleaching toys and throwing all stuffed animals into garbage bags to suffocate those awful lice.

I also have been doing laundry all. day. long.  and I still have at least 15 loads to go.  I am not exaggerating.

Check your kid’s hair.  Then email me your recommendations for homeschooling curriculum.




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22 01 2009

i hate to give you the bad news: homeschooled kids can still get lice. that’s all i have to say about that, except that you have my sympathy, 100%. been there, done that. ugh.

22 01 2009
Karen Joy

Hey! New to your blog. I saw in my stats that this post was linked to one of mine… Thought it was from those “Possibly related posts.” It is. 🙂

I am SO SORRY for all you have to do to rid your dear family of those icky lice. Ack.

I see that you have the Vineyard linked there on the side! I’ve been in the Vineyard for almost 20 years. My hubby is a worship pastor at one.

I’m a mother of five, homeschooling three. And, no, they’ve never had headlice. Though of course, it’s possible for hs’ed kids to get it, it’s probably less likely.

We use mostly Sonlight.

22 01 2009

Oh yuck. I have been so paranoid about my kids getting lice, but they haven’t yet. I also send my sympathy!! Thanks for not tiring of my photos 🙂 I like reading your blog (even though I seldom comment) and your comments on mine! Thanks for the advice on the chocolate. I did put it away now…sometimes I still sneak a handful…but I’m not attached to it anymore 🙂

22 01 2009
Marcy Muser

Sorry to hear about your experience. I had head lice myself as a child, and I still remember how frustrating it was. And yes, as another commenter has posted, homeschooled kids can get head lice – but it’s much less common! 🙂

Definitely take a look at Sonlight curriculum – I’ve used it with my girls for most of the 9 years I’ve been homeschooling, and we LOVE it. It works with the inherent benefits of the homeschooling situation – it’s not just “school at home,” but homeschooling in the best sense of the word.

Best wishes in getting rid of those horrible critters, and in your thought process about homeschooling as well.

23 01 2009

just in case you didn’t know…we use sonlight too. (i’m sure i mentioned it to you, right?) and we love it!

(they use tons of usborne books…)

23 01 2009

Oh Vicki…I am soooo sorry to hear that. My heart lgoes out to you. I don’t know what I will do if I ever have to deal with that.

28 01 2009

Oh Vicki, I am so sorry for you. Is it going any better by now? I once read somewhere to get rid of bed bugs that you should iron your mattress. Maybe that would work for lice too.

31 01 2009
Rita N.

Take heart, my friend. Having lice is not the end of the world, nasty though it may be. I’ve had plenty of experience ridding many heads of these little creatures. (Yes, I’ve had them too). “They” say that these critters cannot survive off of a human head for very long, but still the laundry and cleaning is all necessary. I would recommend my friend Iris for someone who really knows home remedies to over take these ornery beasts. Mayo is one sure fire method, but she could tell you the correct regimen. And bravo for homeschooling!!!!

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