Update on the lice. . .

28 01 2009

So the lice are gone, although I plan to treat the girls one more time just to kill anything that might still be lingering.  My hands were raw from scrubbing this house and I used every drop of hot water my faucets could produce.  I can’t imagine anything surviving that, but I know better than to underestimate those hateful little critters.  My mom came and helped me with the endless laundry (the final load is still sitting in the dryer. . .I can’t bring myself to fold one more load. . . I am so sick of laundry, I can’t even find the words for it).  She also checked my head every 20 minutes or so because I was so itchy.  She declared me lice-free, so I guess the itching is purely psychological.

So onto other news. . .we are having a fantastic snow storm today and the cemetery behind my house looks gorgeous with all the snow covering it. The girls are home from school today so I am enjoying a day with the kids.

Bryn and Lydia wrote essays on Inauguration Day about what they would do if they were President.  Here they are:

Bryn:  If I was the President I would give the mune to the por.  My favorite part of the job would be giving the mune.  I would be paid $100.

Lydia: If I was President I would make shere evewone will be kide.  My favorite part fo the job would be being the the wite Howe. I would be paid $100.

The rest of my day will be spent cutting up old magazines to make scrapbooks with the girls, and drinking lots of coffee.  Can’t wait.




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30 01 2009

Vicki, glad to hear about the ridding of the lice. one more thing I thought I’d share with you… I heard this from another mom who dealt with lice, so don’t know from expereince if it works, but mint shampoo can work as a preventitive from getting lice because apparently they don’t like it. So hopefully this is the end of your fierce battle with these little boogers.

30 01 2009

Collette, You’re the second person that told me that. I’ve heard from a number of people that tea tree oil is also effective. I just ordered some online. I guess the lice don’t like the smell and it also changes the texture of the hair so they can’t cling to it. At this point I’ll try anything!!

30 01 2009

Hey Vicki. . so sorry about the lice :(, but here is one more tip should the little critters re-appear. you can get an electronic comb at drugstores that zaps the lice as you comb through hair. It doesn’t get out the nits (sp?), but it kills the live bugs as the nits hatch. My cousins little girl got lice at shcool and she ended up using this . . . and liked it much better than the tedious shampoo\combing treatment. Just a thought. . but hopefully you won’t need it 🙂 Janice

30 01 2009

I just want to say that I think your girls would make wonderful presidents. And I’d be happy to accept the rest of their paychecks if all they want is $100.

14 02 2009

hey, what’s new? 🙂

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