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22 02 2009

3 entries in one week just might be a record. . .but, once again, I had a thought that I wanted to share with my faithful readers and fellow moms.

Just yesterday, my friend Kari and I were discussing how our daughters have just turned 7 and now we have officially graduated from the section of the department stores marked size 4-6 into the much more mature 7-16.  Then we gabbed at length about our disgust at what the new section had to offer our daughters:  nothing but Hannah Montana, High School Musical and other CRAP that I have no tolerance for.

Then, last evening, just hours after my discussion with Kari, I attended my book club (sounds downright so-fist-ti-cated, don’t it??  Don’t be impressed, it was the first time I attended and it was a blast!) where I received a copy of our next book, entitled, “Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank and Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom.”  Sounds like a fun read doesn’t it?

Here’s what Celia Rivenbark has to say on this topic (I have slightly altered the language to fit my “I-love-Jesus-and-I’m-a-pastor’s-wife” lifestyle):

My princess had just graduated to a size 7 when everything went downhill.  We headed for our favorite department store, ready to take that leap into the new world of 7-16.  Bye-bye 4-6x, I thought to myself with a tug of sadness.  My baby was growing up.

And apparently into a prostitute.

“Where are the sevens?” I asked the sixty-something clerk.

“You’re standing in ’em,” she said.

Oh,no, I thought, looking around. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.

“There must be some mistake,” I said.  “These are, well, slutty-looking.  I’m talking about clothes for a little girl in first grade.”

“That’s all we got.”

I went to my second-favorite department store and was invited to peruse the awfulness that is Tweenland!  A better name would be Lil Skanks!

Sequins, fringe, neon glitter tank tops with big red lips on them, fishnet sleeves, scary dragon faces lunging from off-the-shoulder T-shirts.  Whither the adorable seersucker?  The pastel floral short sets:  The soft cotton dresses in little-girl colors like lavender, pale pink, periwinkle blue?  This stuff practically screamed syringe sold separately.

I get it.  Now that my kid is practically of childbearing age (is six the new seventeen?) I must choose from ripped-on-purpose jeans and T-shirts that scream things like Baby Doll and Jail Bait, not to mention a rather angry Girls Rule and Boys Drool! where an embroidered flower with buzzing bee should be.

When did this happen?  Who decided that my six-year-old should dress like a Vegas showgirl?  I know that my daughter and I will fight about clothes in a few years, perhaps horribly, but, for now, there will be none of this Little Ladies of the Night look.

And there you have it.  I would say she nicely sums up my feelings on this issue.  I’m thankful that my girls run a little small for their age, which should buy me at least a few more months of pastels and seersucker.  I’ll enjoy it while I can. . .and I’d love to know how you moms of older girls are dealing with our society’s definition of modesty.  Any thoughts?




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22 02 2009

yeah. it’s a hannah montana world. ugh. my solution so far has been shopping in these three places: and their sale/overstock section; gymboree clothing off of e-bay; the once upon a child store in dublin. (yes, dublin ohio!) so far, between those options, my girls are still dressing modestly and without any pop culture on their chests. and, they like most (over 90%) of the clothes they have. yay!! 🙂 good luck with all of that.

24 02 2009

Good luck, Vicki! The only other option is to dig out your sewing machine! Let me know if I can help there…..

Love, Mom

25 02 2009

My good friend was just here and we were talking about learning to sew, not for our kids sake…but just because. This post has me really serious about learning now! I have awhile before I’m faced with this issue as my oldest daughter is just turning 4 and is very petite….so…I have time to hone my skills! Joanne Fabric…here I come 🙂

28 02 2009

I’ve been thinking about sewing too…Not sure if that will ever happen. I tend to buy larger sizes and then take in the waists, since my girls are on the small side too. Also, I buy mostly second hand, and I think that gives you a few more “old fashioned” choices 🙂 Although we’re just entering the size jump too, so we’ll see how it goes this summer.

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