An unwanted conversation. . .

31 03 2009

So, the other night, Conrad was running late getting home from the office and all 3 kids were on the verge of a meltdown so I made the executive decision to eat dinner without Conrad.  We were just gathering around the table when the following conversation took place (please keep in mind my twins are 7 years old and in the first grade):

L:  Mommy, some 2nd graders are going to be in big trouble at school.

M:  Oh yeah?  Why?

L:  They keep writing all over the bathroom walls.

M:  Uh oh.  That does sound like trouble.

B:  Yeah.  Mommy, it says F**k all over the bathroom walls.

Yes, that’s right.  She just all out said the f-word as if we were talking about the weather.  And I gasped.  loudly.  Loudly enough for Bryn to look at me and say, “Mommy, why did you make that noise?”  And then I did not breathe for a full minute.    And then I walked out of the room  to collect myself and try to figure out how to parent my way through this one WITHOUT MY HUSBAND!

I came back to the table and I said, “Bryn,  who told you that word?”  And she looked at me, very exasperated, and said, “Nobody, Mommy.  I know how to read.”  Duh.  Of course she knows how to read that word.  Then, just when I thought I had it pulled together, Lydia pipes up:

“Mommy, it says,  f**k you in one place and then it says f**k you Elizabeth somewhere else, and then it says another word, I think it’s ass.”

I walked out into the sunroom and had tear streaming down my face.  For my life I can’t tell you if I was laughing or crying.  There was something so sweet and innocent about this conversation that it struck me as hilarious.  My sweet little babies are using the f-word so casually.  Kinda like talking about what they had for lunch.  And so a part of me was laughing.

But.  then.  a part of me got rip-roaring mad about the absurdity of all of this. I felt like I watched a layer of innocence get peeled away from my girls.  Innocence that I have worked very hard at protecting.  And that I wanted them to hang on to for many more years.  But, now, I had to follow up on this unwanted conversation and have a talk about words that are appropriate and not appropriate and why. . .oh man.  I just didn’t want to be here yet.

But  here we are.  Once again questioning the wisdom of placing our girls in the public school system and wondering if we need to make another decision about the school thing soon.  But not wanting to overreact and make a hasty decision. God give us wisdom!




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31 03 2009

I have no idea what I would have done in your shoes, but just remember a post you wrote a bit ago about the joy your daughter had when she was singing in church. I don’t think it’s as important what we’re protecting them from, if they have a solid foundation to stand on when they need it. Just my thoughts. Stow away all that wisdom you gain from experience so that the rest of us can gain from it when we need it 🙂

1 04 2009

Wow! May God bless you with much wisdom. I really enjoy reading your blog and you sound like a wonderful mom, for what that’s worth. = ) I shall refrain from giving parenting advice since that would make your top 9 list of things you hate. = P

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