5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter

18 04 2009

I’ve never really committed a blog entry to a book, but I’m doing that right here, right now. . .

I came across this book on another blog and it made me curious enough to check it out on Amazon. The title is “5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter”. I’ve only read the first few chapters and already I am a BIG FAN of this book.  The first conversation is about God’s definition of beauty vs. our culture’s definition of beauty (very different) and how we can help our daughters (and ourselves. . .might as well be honest) expand the definition of beauty.

Here are the other 4 conversations:

1.  Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.

2.  Sex is great and worth the wait.

3.  It’s OK to dream about marriage and motherhood.

4.  Girls gone wild are a dime a dozen– dare to be virtuous.

I loved the chapters addressing the first conversation and am confident that the rest of the book will be just as high-lighted and marked up as the first few chapters are.  I know that a lot of you reading this blog are mothers of daughters so I wanted to pass along this helpful resource to all of you who are joining me in this quest to raise godly daughters in a society that scoffs at such a thing.


Spring Break 2009

16 04 2009

Whew!  What a week!  We had a great time over spring break with Conrad’s sister, her husband and their family here.  They have 3 little girls, ages 6,3, and 8 months, making a total of 6 girls all 7 and under running around this house.  It was a bit chaotic but we also laughed a lot and made tons of good memories.

Here’s a few pics of a very fun week:

Candace and I making wontons for our Chinese dinner. . . nobody makes Chinese like Jeff and Candace!


Jeff inthe chaotic kitchen. . .we got it cleaned up eventually!some-pics-015

A picnic lunch outside of the science museum:




A cute shot of my Ellie Bean:


The oldest four cousins eating Krispy Kreme’s on Friday morning:


Coloring Easter Eggs:


And there you have it!  It was a great week!

Modesty Anyone? Anyone?

2 04 2009

I was so happy about finding a great deal on swimsuits for my kids.  I’m really picky about swimsuits.  I prefer something 2 piece because it’s so much easier for them to use the bathroom in a 2 piece suit.  However, as you moms of daughters know, it can be difficult to find something modest and 2 piece.  So, I was online and I found great deals on really cute swimwear that was exactly what I was looking for.  The girls picked out the color they wanted, I clicked “add to cart” and we were all happy.

Then the suits came in the mail.  Hmmm.  Too bad they didn’t show the back of the suits online.  The front of the tankini was full coverage but the back was held together by a little string  and nothing else.   From the back it looked like I dressed my 7 year old daughters in  string bikinis.  I don’t think so.

So, then I had the brilliant idea to google “modest swimwear.”  Surely there is somebody out there making decent swimming suits for little girls.  Well, I am here to tell you that I have found it!  All you moms of little girls, brace yourselves, because I have found the suit of choice!  Ready?  Here it is:


So I ordered one in each color for the girls, plus one for myself.  KIDDING.  Just kidding.   I’m so frustrated!  Surely there has to be something in between a string bikini and, um, this.  Help me out!!  Does anyone have any ideas??