Modesty Anyone? Anyone?

2 04 2009

I was so happy about finding a great deal on swimsuits for my kids.  I’m really picky about swimsuits.  I prefer something 2 piece because it’s so much easier for them to use the bathroom in a 2 piece suit.  However, as you moms of daughters know, it can be difficult to find something modest and 2 piece.  So, I was online and I found great deals on really cute swimwear that was exactly what I was looking for.  The girls picked out the color they wanted, I clicked “add to cart” and we were all happy.

Then the suits came in the mail.  Hmmm.  Too bad they didn’t show the back of the suits online.  The front of the tankini was full coverage but the back was held together by a little string  and nothing else.   From the back it looked like I dressed my 7 year old daughters in  string bikinis.  I don’t think so.

So, then I had the brilliant idea to google “modest swimwear.”  Surely there is somebody out there making decent swimming suits for little girls.  Well, I am here to tell you that I have found it!  All you moms of little girls, brace yourselves, because I have found the suit of choice!  Ready?  Here it is:


So I ordered one in each color for the girls, plus one for myself.  KIDDING.  Just kidding.   I’m so frustrated!  Surely there has to be something in between a string bikini and, um, this.  Help me out!!  Does anyone have any ideas??




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2 04 2009

You weren’t by chance on a Mormon website were you? = ) Thanks for sharing. that was great! I don’t think I’d mind ordering that one for myself right now… hmmm…..

3 04 2009

I was all excited to hear what you found because Michaela needs a new swimsuit too. I think I will pass on that one though 🙂 I just received a catalog from Lands End and it looks like there are some modest 2 pc. You might want to check it out.

3 04 2009

Vicki, do you not like tankinis? I’ve gotten Sabrina’s at Old Navy in the past and they are pretty modest. I’ve also seen some at Target where they have the short sleeve wetsuit shirts and bottoms or you could get swim shorts to go with them if you don’t like a regular swimsuit bottom. Sears is another place I’ve seen similar stuff.

3 04 2009

Collette, I love tankinis! That’s what I thought I was getting when I ordered the suits. They were full coverage in the front but then there was only a skinny string around the neck and another one straight across the back. From the front, it looked perfect but from the back it looked really sleazy. Thanks for the tip on Old Navy. I’ll check that out!

4 04 2009

This is one area where I’m glad to have boys =). I’ve had really good luck with Lands End suits for myself, and I think they have some good kids options too.

12 04 2009
shelby Armstrong

Hoped onto you blog while looking for tankini for my 7 year old. I have 3 girls so I can pass one swim suit to the next and then then next, this justifies me spending a bit more than my normal cheap price ideals.
So, I found this website and it has mom and junior swims that go down to xxs (size 9-13) for my daughter. these swim suit are so cut with high cut lines and long cut fronts. Good luck.
Ps….I am Mormon and that picture was pretty funny, not to for most of us, but it gave me a laugh.

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