10 Things That Make Me Happy

27 05 2009

Thanks Candice for the blog idea!

Here, in random order, are 10 (or so) things that make me happy:

1.  When all 3 girls are laughing at the same time

2.  Rhubarb

3.  Friday morning coffee with Conrad

4.  Finding out a friend is pregnant

5.  Sitting on the deck at my dad’s house

6.  Fresh highlights

7.  A good book with a surprise ending

8.  A good yard sale

9.  Compliments on my cooking

10. A comfy sweatshirt

11.  When my sister’s name is on the caller ID

12.  When Ellie falls asleep on my lap

13.  Folding the last load of laundry

14.  Comments on my blog (heehee)

Would love to see your list!

Edited to add:

15.  Daisies

16.  Singing alto


Memorial Day Weekend

25 05 2009

I spent all day yesterday selling little girl’s clothing out of my garage.  People came in droves and bought an enormous amount of clothing for very little money.  I advertised the sale as “Fill a bag for $5” which I think caught the attention of a lot of people. . .  I realize it’s not the traditional way to have a garage sale, but it was a lot less work, I got rid of a lot more stuff and I even made a good amount of money, so in the end I call it successful.

Today was spent relaxing. . .my favorite kind of Sunday.  I took a long nap, read a good book, drank a Pepsi One (my favorite beverage), went for a bike ride with the girls, set up a lawn chair in the back yard and watched them hit the softball, then came in for ice cream sundaes and a game of “I Spy.”  I pretended my house isn’t a mess and that I don’t have a “to-do” list a mile long.  The good news is that tomorrow is a holiday and I don’t have to go to work.  Our big plans for tomorrow include organizing the garage and getting this house in order. . .but for now, I’m headed into my messy living room to finish my book.

Just Call Me Wonder Woman

21 05 2009

Ok.  So, just when I tell you all I am back to blogging, life gets crazy and out of hand (was it ever actually under control?).  Sick kids, trips to the doc, reaction to medicine, sleepless nights, asthma treatments. . .you get the idea.  I think we’re finally on the upswing now.

In the midst of the sickness, I decided to find out just how close I can come to the edge of sanity:  I am having a yard sale this weekend.  Yup.  You heard me right.  This weekend.  All day yesterday was spent hauling bins, tubs,  and boxes FULL of junk very valuable items up from the basement (someday I will post a picture of my amazing biceps that were definitely bulked up yesterday with all that hauling).

Also, I scrubbed my bathrooms, did countless loads of laundry and made a healthy supper for my family.    Just in case you think I really am Wonder Woman, let me shed a little light on the picture:  Ellie was allowed to eat 3 ice cream bars yesterday.  She did not sneak them behind my back.  Every time she wanted one, she politely asked me and I said yes.  Wonder Woman?  Yup.

Back to Blogging. . .

13 05 2009

Has it really been nearly a month since I posted an update on this blog?  Where has the time gone?  Blogging has definitely fallen lower and lower on the priority list these last few weeks.  But, believe me, I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do next!  Nope!  Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks:

Weeding, mulching, planting, summer clothes shopping, vacation researching, field tripping, babysitting, menu planning, coupon clipping, grocery shopping, wedding planning, PTAing, potlucking, worship leading, birthday planning, pie baking, closet cleaning, basement organizing, clothes sorting, garage saleing, swing pushing, wedding planning, stroller pushing, coffee drinking, book showing. . .

In addition to all that stuff, softball games for the twins are in full swing, Ellie is turning 3 (BooHoo!), and school activities are at an all time high because the end of school year has rolled around.  WHEW!  No wonder I fall into bed exhausted every night!  But it’s all good.  And even though we’re busy, I am enjoying life and trying to soak up every moment.

One of my favorite things recently has been spending Fridays with Conrad.  He normally takes Fridays off and the last several weeks we have pushed Ellie in the stroller to our local Tim Horton’s to enjoy a leisurly cup of coffee and catch each other up on life.

Another favorite thing:  every time I ask Ellie what she wants for her birthday, she says, “A blue one” which I find adorable.