Memorial Day Weekend

25 05 2009

I spent all day yesterday selling little girl’s clothing out of my garage.  People came in droves and bought an enormous amount of clothing for very little money.  I advertised the sale as “Fill a bag for $5” which I think caught the attention of a lot of people. . .  I realize it’s not the traditional way to have a garage sale, but it was a lot less work, I got rid of a lot more stuff and I even made a good amount of money, so in the end I call it successful.

Today was spent relaxing. . .my favorite kind of Sunday.  I took a long nap, read a good book, drank a Pepsi One (my favorite beverage), went for a bike ride with the girls, set up a lawn chair in the back yard and watched them hit the softball, then came in for ice cream sundaes and a game of “I Spy.”  I pretended my house isn’t a mess and that I don’t have a “to-do” list a mile long.  The good news is that tomorrow is a holiday and I don’t have to go to work.  Our big plans for tomorrow include organizing the garage and getting this house in order. . .but for now, I’m headed into my messy living room to finish my book.




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