10 Things That Make Me Happy

27 05 2009

Thanks Candice for the blog idea!

Here, in random order, are 10 (or so) things that make me happy:

1.  When all 3 girls are laughing at the same time

2.  Rhubarb

3.  Friday morning coffee with Conrad

4.  Finding out a friend is pregnant

5.  Sitting on the deck at my dad’s house

6.  Fresh highlights

7.  A good book with a surprise ending

8.  A good yard sale

9.  Compliments on my cooking

10. A comfy sweatshirt

11.  When my sister’s name is on the caller ID

12.  When Ellie falls asleep on my lap

13.  Folding the last load of laundry

14.  Comments on my blog (heehee)

Would love to see your list!

Edited to add:

15.  Daisies

16.  Singing alto




4 responses

28 05 2009

Love it!! Yours are so fun and original- I kept agreeing and agreeing while reading them- I love finding out a friend is pregnant, good highlights and blog comments so much!! And you made me CRAVE rhubarb! Haven’t seen that for a loooong time!

28 05 2009

great list! i might have to do that, too.

28 05 2009

Yes, great list. I got all happy just reading it.

2 06 2009

Aw, I’m happy when you’re on my caller ID, too!

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