Disney Report Part 2

20 06 2009

After a very full day at Magic Kingdom, we spent an entire day resting by the pool.  The following day we were off to Epcot.  We had never been there before so it was a new experience for all of us.  We loved it!


The girls loved meeting Belle.  Lydia told Belle she likes to write books.  Belle told her to send a book and she would read it to the Beast.  Lydia spent the rest of the day contemplating what her book should be about and finally settled on snow.  She figured Belle hasn’t had a lot of experience with snow (especially now that she lives in Florida).  As soon as we got home she started writing her book.  It’s ready to be sent, I just need to figure out where to send it. . .


For lunch, we headed to Morocco!  We had a fabulous meal.  A belly dancer came out at one point and invited all the kids out to dance with her.  Bryn was the only one from our group brave enough to go.   That’s her on the right in the orange.


My delicious Moroccan meal:  chicken kabobs with a green olive sauce, steamed vegetables over couscous, and beef pastires with powdered sugar on top.  I almost licked the plate at the end, but I refrained myself!


The day we spent at Epcot was actually our 11th anniversary.  The waiter brought out this dessert (sweet dough with a vanilla custard, almonds, honey and ice cream. . .YUM!) and they all sang to us.


This one’s for you Rhonda!


Our family outside of Morocco!  It was my favorite place in all of Epcot (although I also loved Norway because of it’s delicious pastries).  I think I loved it because it reminded me very much of my days in Israel. . .


Ellie caught a little nap in between all the action:


Bryn tried on some of the belly dancing gear, then gave us all a demonstration:


Lydia peeking out from a fan in China!


Stay tuned for more pictures to come!




One response

23 06 2009

Thanks for sharing your trip photos- it looks tiring but really fun too- I’m sure your girls will be talking about it for years…and the twins are both getting so grown up and beautiful in those last two pics! Wow, what eyes!

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