Final Disney Report (I promise!)

25 06 2009

Our third big day was spent at Hollywood Studios.  I had never been there before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I enjoyed it, although there weren’t as many big attractions and rides.  We did enjoy a lot of shows and a lot of air conditioning!


Ariel, the favorite princess of all 3 of my girls!


One of my favorite things was attending an art class with one of the Disney artists as our teacher.  He gave us step-by-step instructions on how to draw Minnie.  We loved it!


I am convinced we had just as much fun on the days we didn’t go to Disney.  Our rental house had a pool so we spent most of our days off relaxing by the water.  I read a good book, drank lots of water, and reapplied sunscreen very, very often. . .

Ellie loved her Panda Bear Float.  I loved it too!  It held her in very securely making it very easy for me to relax while she was in the water.


My gorgeous daughter, Lydia. . .


And my gorgeous daughter, Bryn. . .


A family shot, taken by my awesome brother-in-law.  Thanks Jeff!


That’s all folks!  From here on out I will resume my normal postings which amount to a whole lot of nothing!  The excitement of Disney is over but we are just starting the summer and I am loving it!!  More to come soon . . .




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25 06 2009

Hooray for vacations! I’m trying to figure out if we can sqeeeeze in a little weekend trip to the beach in August. Getting away is so refreshing. So happy it was such a great trip for you guys!

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