No Place Like Home. . .

29 07 2009

It’s a rainy morning which means the kids are sleeping longer than normal thanks to the dark sky.  I, on the other hand, went to my 6:30 pilates class, have my 2nd load of laundry in the washer and am now enjoying a cup of coffee while the house is quiet.

Last week we made a trip to Michigan to spend some time with my dad.  A few days before we left, the thought occurred to me that it would be really fun to catch a Detroit Tigers game on the way.  I checked the schedule, and sure enough, they were in town!  Better yet, they had a game scheduled for 1:00 on Thursday, which was exactly when we were traveling through!  A few clicks later, I was the proud owner of 4 Tiger vs. Mariner tickets (Ellie is still free, thus the 4 tickets instead of 5, in case anyone was confused about that.  You probably thought I was being a negligent mother and leaving my 3 year old at home for the week because I didn’t feel like dealing with her back-talk.  Lighten up, people, we had her with us, and we even let her out of the trunk long enough to watch the game).

The great part about the game was that we weren’t sure we were going to be able to watch it.  You see, the sky was gray and nasty and the rain was pouring down all while we were traveling north toward Detroit.  My dad was keeping a close eye on the radar and said we should be in good shape for the game, but I have to say I was doubtful. . .it was so miserable outside!  But we trekked on toward Detroit and by the time we actually got in our seats the rain had stopped.  They delayed the game for about 30 minutes then finally got started.  We sat through the entire game in the most beautiful sunshine!  It was absolutely gorgeous!  The game was a bit of a disappointment, since the Tigers lost 2-1, but the experience was very fun and is a definite highlight of the summer for me.  The crazy thing is that we walked back to our van and just as we were getting settled again, it started pouring rain!!  We just started laughing! Just sort of seemed like God was kind enough to give us a window of sunshine in which to enjoy the game, and then He was back to watering the earth. . .

We got to my dad’s about 8:00 that night, played with his new Golden Retriever, Shelby, then headed to bed.  The rest of the weekend was filled with fun stuff:  a parade in my hometown, playing at the park, scooter rides, The Big Slide, bumper cars, etc.  The weather continued to swing between 68 degrees and rain to 80 degrees and sunny. . .welcome to Michigan!  Here’s a few pics of a very fun weekend in Pigeon!

Check out that gray sky in the background!

pics 047

Nothing beats a ball park hot dog!  Ellie later threw hers up!  Good times.

pics 049

Here’s “The Big Slide”  I have very many happy memories of sailing down this 3 story slide on a feed sack when I was a kid.  I wish you could hear Ellie describe her trip down. . .hilarious!  This picture is my dad with one of my twins. . .can’t tell which one in this pic!


Dad and Lydia on these high-tech bumper cars:


Bryn figuring out the controls:


Here we are getting ready for a wild ride through the woods!  Too bad you can’t see Shelby’s face. . .she’s a cute puppy!


Funny Story:  My dad lives in a wooded area and we see deer around all the time.  This time we counted 22 deer sightings!  One morning as we were driving down the road, we stopped and admired this sweet little fawn.  After we had watched it and oohed and aahed over it for a few minutes, Bryn piped up from the back seat and said, “Sure wish we had a gun!”  I found it hilarious and disturbing all in one.


I forgot to mention above that one of the main reasons I went home was for a class reunion.  It’s been 14 years since I graduated from high school.  Our class (1995) and the 2 classes before us all got together for a combined 15ish year reunion.  Here I am with a few of my classmates:


I think I’ll stop there for now.  This afternoon I am headed to Goshen, Indiana to spend some time with my mom, my brother, sis-in-law and their kids.    Need to finish up the laundry and get packing. . .and a 2nd cup of coffee is probably a good idea too!


A plea to all you homemakers out there. . .

20 07 2009

I think there may be a few men who read this blog, which is fine, but right now I really need to hear from you moms/homemakers out there!  It’s my turn to post what I’ve read on many of your blogs at one point or another:  I NEED MEAL IDEAS!

I am seriously lacking motivation for cooking, which means we’ve been eating lots of sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, and other stuff I don’t normally work into our menu.  Normally, I enjoy cooking in the summer, because it’s so easy to throw something on the grill, cut up some fruit, make a nice salad, etc.  But even that feels overwhelming to me right now!  I feel like I need easy, convenient food that is healthy and cheap!  Ha!  Am I asking for too much?

What are your “go to” meals when you just need something quick?  What do you make sure you have in your freezer or pantry at all times?  Also, I work every Monday and Tuesday and usually don’t get home until at least 6:00, so I need stuff on hand that Conrad can throw together for the kids (besides PB&J!).  Any ideas??   Also, I’m interested in what snack items you keep on hand for your kids.   Would love to hear from you!

Sunday’s Musings

20 07 2009

Got to church early this morning for worship practice.  I’ve been leading twice a month for about a year.  It still isn’t completely natural for me, but I’m certainly more comfortable with it than I was a year ago! I would love to hear from any worship leaders out there on your experience with leading. . .crazy as it sounds, sometimes I think my biggest challenge is choosing the music!  Does anyone have any great tips on that?  Or anything else regarding leading worship?

After church, we had a picnic at the city park.  I took a crock pot full of baked beans, which were really yummy, if I do say so myself, and a pan full of lemon bars.  Yum.

After lunch, we headed to the ball field where we got dirty and dusty with an old-fashioned church softball game!  So much fun!  Our church has some serious power-hitters!  We made the power-hitters bat opposite of what they normally would, for the sake of the kids.  Just trying to keep things fair.  Everyone was a good sport and we all had a good time.

We came home for a quick nap and now we’re gearing up for our college Bible study.  Starts in less than an hour and my house is a mess. . . off to face the music!

Wedding Plans

9 07 2009

I think I have made reference to wedding plans every now and then in the last few months, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more specific about that.  So today, since I’m slowly sipping my coffee and putting off a pile of work that must get done, I’m going to blog about these wedding plans.

My cousin, Carla, who is like a little sister to me, and whom I love very much is getting married!  But what is making this wedding especially fun for me, is that Carla is living with us right now (She’s been living with us since January when she decided not to return to Rosedale, but she wanted to stay in the area).Then in February she and Brandon got engaged (someday I will write a post about the very first time I met Brandon -before he and Carla ever started dating-and thought to myself, “I want him to marry Carla” and how Carla couldn’t stand him and she thought I was crazy, etc.  But turns out I was right.  Ha!  I called it from a mile away.  I love it when I’m right).

When the engagement became official, this household was in full swing with wedding plans and it is FUN!  Carla asked me to be her wedding coordinator and I am loving every minute of it!  Bryn and Lydia are junior brides, my sister is baking all the cupcakes for the reception, Conrad is doing part of the ceremony, my dad, sister and  I are doing some of the music and lots of other family members have a role in the wedding.    The wedding is scheuled for August 15 which is just around the corner.  So, needless to say, life is going to be picking up speed in the next few weeks.

This weekend, Carla’s awesome parents are coming down from Michigan and we are going to get a bunch of work done, and then we’re having a shower for her.

So there you have it.  A little glimpse at what is keeping our household buzzing these days.  Busy?  YES!  But we’re loving every minute of it!  And the best news of all??  Brandon and Carla bought a house within walking distance of us!  And that makes me happy.

4th of July

4 07 2009

So the big news around here is that it’s the 4th of July and we have NO PLANS!  WOOHOO!  Conrad and I decided to plan some fun things with the kids and just do our own thing this year.

Last night we took the girls to see Disney’s “Up” which was charming.  Loved it and so did the girls.  We came home and set up “camp” in the sunroom which seemed like a really good idea.  And then the air matress started leaking.  Do those things ever not leak?  I’ve never found one that stays inflated all night.   I made it until 4:00 this morning before my hips were getting sore from sleeping on concrete.  I came into the house and slept on the couch until about 6:30 when Conrad’s snoring woke me up. . .he was on the other couch.   So it wasn’t the best night of sleep I’ve ever had, but it was a fun thing to do with the girls and they thought it was great.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful today.  I definitely hope to spend some time outside. . .but I’m feeling a purge session coming on, so I think I’ll spend some time going through closets, toy boxes, under beds, etc. Must get rid of junk!

Happy 4th!